If you watch lost, or want to get into lost, watch this clip

Thanks to my buddy Brody for posting this on his blog so I could see it!

  • hey - i will be helping out w/ DJ's workshop so I will be in Santa Barbara next friday. We should def hang out. The shirts are not ready yet. But don't worry u will get one bro! They are better than the first version!

  • Carly said:

    Tim thats awesome!
    I finally feel included!
    I think I'll start watching when the new season starts up until I can get my hands on the dvds.

  • Ha, thanks for the video. I've been wanting to get into Lost, these actually helps a lot. jjabrams is awesome.

  • Wow... That was like fast food TV. I wish I could get that for every program. I would never need to watch a series again!

  • I can't wait for the next season to start! We're recording it in HD at our office so all of us can watch it together.

  • Just as I suspected, that IS the MOST ridiculous looking show ever. It was great fun to see the whole premise in one fell swoop though. I sent it to my son, big fan, I'm sure he will love it!