Is your wedding photographer learning about weddings on YouTube?!!

Hahaha… I honestly have no clue how I found this video on youtube just now, but it’s kinda frightening that people might be trying to learn wedding photography from a youtube video…

Not gonna lie, I watched the whole thing through, and with about 45 seconds left I was totally floored by what the photographer said he’ll do with the bride and groom during ther ceremony!!! (don’t watch the whole thing, just let it load and then watch the last 45 seconds or a bit more… wow!!!

  • blaine said:

    everything i learned about wedding photography was from youtube... this video in particular! ;)

  • I don't know what you guys are taking about, this guy is super, SUPER, talented... I think puppet strings would be more effective, but that's just me.

  • sandig said:

    ahhh sign language.... that's the ticket. ; ) hmmmm.