I’ve been gone for three days attending the…

I’ve been gone for three days attending the Pictage Partner Conference in Los Angeles. Here’s a few shots to catch us up.

  • Amber said:

    Dude, is that spam??? WHo spams blogs??? Weird!!!!

    Love the pics! Have you or DJ gotten anything cool in the mail lately????

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Lol... wow... i got my blog spammed. I think DJ had this happen recently. I think I'm going to impliment the function that requires authentication to post.

    Nothing cool in the mail that I know of. We just got back to town yesterday though, so I'll ask tomorrow.

  • The Young Family said:

    Loved seeing your pics. I especially liked the one of the ribbon. I am new to this blogging thing - So I was surfing around and came across yours. Thanks for the fun!!

  • Danober said:

    vorrei esser in quella foto in maccina con voi a fare le smorfie

  • Danober said:

    i would like stay in the picture!

  • Magullo said:

    Apple rulez!
    BTW, nice blog, I like it.

  • novae said:

    Well done, very artistic shots. Keep up the good work.