Katie’s Senior Portraits in Goleta California

I (Cheryl) have been spending a lot of time shooting senior portrait sessions recently and I must say, I LOVE them! Every time I do one I have such a blast and get so inspired. Here are my favorite images from Katie’s senior session. We went up to the Historic Railroad Museum in Goleta, and then moved on to the Goleta pier after that.

Thanks Katie! It was so awesome to work with you, here is your slideshow

  • Thanks a ton for your comments! Tim actually wasn't there but I did have a blast and can't wait to post more coming up!

  • Great work, Cheryl! They look awesome! The blonde hair with the blonde-colored stuff (wheat?! lol) looks really really cool!

  • Juliet said:

    What beautiful light and girl! Really love these.

  • Thanks! Yeah, the golden stuff is some kind of tall grass, not sure exactly what it is, lol, but I loved it :)

  • Janey said:

    WOW! Love the light in these shots and that location is killer! Where are you? Good seeing you guys the other day at Melissa's ! xoxo

  • Yeah, it was super fun seeing you as well! I saw some of Gary's pics of your wedding, looks like it was beautiful!

    I took these pics near the Historic Railroad Museum in Goleta. If you follow the path that goes by the big white house, there's an awesome field of tall grass that I just love!