Last Night

Last Night

  • RAH said:

    Great Blog site. Love your photos.

  • Albus said:

    Your friends are cool, it's nice to be second here. :)

  • Anonymous said:

    that guys feet are so nasty looking it made me hurl!

  • Marcela said:

    Sos un genio!!!

  • MC said:

    Whoa awsome photos man!

  • Ella said:

    you take beautiful photos.

    very inspiring for a writer like myself.

    keep up the good work...

  • Erykillo said:

    jojojo me gusta la primera, en cuanto al canijo de los pies, caray!, dale un Lotrimin jeje, es broma hombre!, aunque...

  • T@Sh said:

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us :) looking forward to more pics!

  • OpenSourcePhoto said:

    Muy Bien photos!

    Tu eres malo ass!!!

  • Tim Halberg said:


  • The Cute and Full of Charm said:

    nice photos. I enjoy looking at them. just continue posting more of these nice stuffs.

  • Imaginair' said:

    Nice photos playing with light and shadow.

  • shamide said:

    what a cute!

  • Ghone said:

    Love the randomness of your photos!
    Or is that intentional!

  • megselv said:

    Love your photos.. =)

  • Myrtle Beach Stuff said:

    ok - next time you put up foot photos warn us first - I haven't puked so much since Senior Week

  • ~Manda said:

    i like that last pic of the three of yas.. you look like your having so much fun! :) yay for a great weekend! :)

  • Aldarweesh said:

    you are very clever in your shots,but you have to improve your talent with other type of pictures,like what i have .

  • Mile said:

    nice pics... you

  • Aaron said:

    You have inspired me to begin taking my camera with me everywhere, despite its weight. Very nice work.

  • Buzz said:

    You have tremendous stuff... Having Santa Barbara, one of America's finely honed jewels, as your inspiration is a good choice. Take care, B.

  • Rose Blite said:

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  • Punky Zebra said:

    wow your work is amazing! i myself am an aspiring photographer! i'm only 14 so i have a long way to go, but i love looking at other photographers work. awesome!
    come by and leave me a comment!

  • MooreStuff said:

    You are good! Look forward to seeing more!

  • Caro said:

    great blog! i'm a high school student and i'm really interested in photography...i've been known to take over 500 pictures in 3 weeks. i love photos that depict the beauty in everyday life, and i really like your photos!

  • Dana Shepherd said:

    love your photos. I also post a daily photo journal and I enjoy your uniqueness.

  • Blossom said:

    Very impressive photos ..I really liked'em :)

  • AmeriKaKanKare said:

    Great blog. Thanks for sharing these beauties.

  • justCandyshop said:

    WOW... your pictures are stunning... i am in absolute awe of the beaty you capture through that instrument. You so got me interested in photography!!

  • Anonymous said:

    thanks for that great blog. it offers a beautiful way of learning about the us... really awsome pictures, tim!!! lokking forward to seeing many more...

    greets from berlin, germany... *kristina*

  • BurnTees said:

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  • EddieE said:

    I really like your pics. This is an awesome idea for a blog

  • meerstaubkeineahnung said:

    interesting shots, i really like them, hope you`ll post some more !!

  • Parker Colorado said:

    Your work is awesome!!

  • Andr said:

    Yo, bro. You have some great photos. And you have a cool blog. I am portuguese, so if you have some time left, check out my blog of star wars: or checkout the blog about my life:

    Be cool

  • Liesl said:

    nice pictures!

  • drawme said:

    Aw gosh. I just love the one with the kiss.

    X_X beautiful

  • Rhi-Rhi said:

    cute pic of peeps in sunset, mingin feet, awesome dudes!!!! love all your pics, keep it up!!!

  • the_griever said:

    I thought your photo's were very good. Just started the whole blog thing, still feeling a bit lost here.

  • RepublicanGirl77 said:

    this is great stuff! good work. ;)

  • Ana Luiza said:

    Your pics are really great!!
    Hey,Your friend,the younger one,on the left side,is really cute!!
    Could you give my adress to him?
    my e-mail and msn :

  • chiner said:

    W O W ...

  • David Smith said:

    very much enjoyed your shots !!!

  • Goldstar said:

    Great work! I like your site.

  • ujnip said:

    Great shots... Inspired from you I also have started an amateur photo blog.All pics taken with the camera in my mobile, so not with great resolution... Check it out..