Lifestyle family portraits!

What a whirlwind June has been for me! I can’t believe it is almost gone! And we are practically half way trough 2007!

From being sick for nearly 10 days, to photographing my brother’s wedding, visiting with family and managing a ton of children’s portrait sessions my blog has definitely suffered! But I am back and here is a recent family portrait session I have done:

I had such a blast photographing these guys! You can check out all the fun things we did here

  • Sandra Salisbury said:

    What a cute slideshow!!! I love ones with big brother and sister looking down at baby on the bed..... so cute! You have a great look to your pictures, so soft and very baby friendly, you are great with getting smiles! I will deffinantly have to come vitis you with my kiddies next time we are around SB!!!

  • Tara Jones said:

    these are so sweet! looks like you had fun!

  • Portraits By Lucinda said:

    I absolutly love these! What a great idea. How long do you stay for your lifestyle shoots?

  • ERIK BRAND said:

    Hey Cheryl, the second shot down is probably my favorite photo of yours, hands down. The eyes and subtle smile are just perfect!
    Best wishes, Erik