Lots of new photos on our wedding photography website

If you haven’t checked out our website recently, hop over to weddings.halbergphotographers.com to see more than 15 new pictures we’ve added!

As the season continues picking up we’ll be adding tons of new images as we go. Our web design is AMAZING and made it super simple for us to add and delete new pictures from the galleries as well like.

The one catch is, as we add we’re going to have to start deleting photos, so if you have a favorite photo, or least favorite photo in our galleries, let us know so we can share pictures with you guys that you want to see.

Here’s one of the “new” photos I just added back to the website. My buddy D called to ask where it had gone, so because someone spoke up, I’ve added it back in:

Groomsmen cheers at their Santa Barbara wedding

  • Pieman said:

    Tim and Cheryl! Love the new photos on the website and especially this shot. Brilliant!

  • Phylicia said:

    Tim and Cheryl,

    Long time.. was just thinkin bout you both so wanted to say Hi! Love that image! Hope all is fabulous!

  • Hey guys, just want to make sure if I haven't told you already that the new images on your site are gorgeous!!!

  • Lydia said:

    Since everyone else stole the adjectives I would have chosen, I'll just say your pictures are some of the very best!