Mixed emotions

Mixed emotions

  • melynch said:

    I will never get tired of sunsets and silhouettes.

  • ChakaL said:


  • Ankur Sethi said:

    Hi Tim
    I am from India and love photography
    liked all your pic's ..they are just astonishing!
    I've syndicated your blog and will kEEp visiting!
    Hope to learn the art from U

  • sherazade said:

    Amazing! Just amazing!

  • cray-z said:

    i just stumbled over your blog whilst browsing.
    nice. seriusly nice.


    Jus saw some cool pictures on ur blog. Esp liked the one called Old and New. Visit me sometime.

  • Sierra Saltwater Systems said:

    Hi Tim - I too am a graduate from Brooks Institute Oct. 1985. Now doing saltwater aquariums in Tahoe/Reno. I love your work, great job and good luck in the industry. Check out my blog if you have the opportunity.

  • Meg said:

    Wow, incredible blog. Great photographs. I especially loved the photograph on the 15th, from your friend's wedding. Beautiful.

  • paintbrushpoet said:

    aaaaaaa, did we HAVE to have the kitty??
    Otherwise, great blog

  • Erykillo said:

    wooww woow woow.. mira nada m

  • Lana said:

    Wasn't it technially 3 photos in the one post? They're awesome--where were they taken? I post travel photos on my blog: 80daytravel

  • 10al29sk38 said:

    gorgeous nature/scenery pictures =) i'd hire you for my wedding...but then you'd have to wait about 11 years.

  • wong said:

    that's nice baby! but the doggy :( anyway, did you adjust it? or it's all original photo huh? just too prefect :P

  • R2K said:

    This is just great work man!


  • HisGirlMonday22 said:

    Awesome blog! I love your style of photography. It's exactly what I was looking for when I started seeking wedding photographers.

  • Albus said:

    Love your photos, I'm going to add your blog to my links in the blog. I've just enjoyed them all except for the little cat death with the blood in the street...It's---O_o

  • Anonymous said:

    you are a sick man i am a cat person and i am also pissed off to the limit and for you to post that up on your site is rong and sick i just hope you were not the one who hit that poor cat cause it will come back on you 7 fold. i dont see how you could see that as a picture moment that is a sad moment that should never have been saved. but i hope the best for you and that you dont put any more evil things like that on your site agin. but the sunset picture was realy pritty. just stay in that light and not the road kill pictures plz

  • James Heneghan said:

    Well, I have to disagree with the anonymous cat lover. I think dead animals are a perfectly good subject to photograph. I can only assume the commenter isn't a photographer because if he was, he would understand why you took the photo.

    Animals, whether dead or alive, are just as relevant to the world we live in. Life and death are both part of the everyday story of our planet.

    I also take photos of dead animals when I see them. My favourite is a rather beautiful dead baby bird photo I shot here in Japan. And I don't see anything wrong with photos like that. It's not sick at all. And as photographers it's no crime to document these things. In fact it would be a bigger crime to ignore them.

    Anonymous, you may be a cat man, but if you are offended by that photo then that is your problem, nobody else's.

    And if anybody's interested, I have a similar dead cat photo. You can see it at http://jamesfotos.blogspot.com/2005/04/these-feral-cats-all-live-on-beaches.html and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • enchanteur said:

    wow....u have some seriously good photos. i personnally love good shots and u have them. keep up the great work...its real enjoyable to see them....

  • MarshallBoddah said:

    Some good photos! I like the nightime, blurry person one!

    Check out some of mine,


    If you wish, thanks.


  • Rasha said:

    I admire ur work!

  • Chuck Dawson said:

    Hey man, I just love the cat, man! Tell anonymous to blow it out her ass, man! That's called freedom of yeah!
    Hey anonymous, you don't have to be afraid to let us see who you are just because you don't agree with someone elses art. narrow.

  • Anna said:

    You take some beautiful Pictures

  • Susan said:

    i love your photos! the cat err.. is a bit depressing...but i hope it was a natural death... anyway cheers and good luck with your talent!!! :D

  • turista said:

    Hi! I`m from Portugal and I really love your pictures! Fantastic!

  • crusher said:

    love the cat. reminds me of childhood.

  • Stella said:

    I love your work, it's an inspriation to me! God has really blessed you with an awesome gift.


  • Don Nox said:

    Congratulations for such a nice blog. Your pics are awesome, and from an artistic view, thay are really interesting and inspiring.

    I'll reccomend your blog to my friends and all the people who visit my blog. By the way, I'll add a link to yor blog on my own, feel free to visit and comment if you like (spanish spoken):


  • Jiggaboo Jones said:

    Cool Pictures, I dunno bout the cat though man, but hey it's a free counrty, Dawg!

  • LN said:

    I stop here to say it was amazing to see some of your photos.
    Someday, I'll return to

  • Tori said:

    hey, your photos are great. really really interesting.

  • Mark said:

    Nice work! Not so sure about the dead cat pic but otherwise, great photos. I've got photographs from my weekend up on my blog as well if you care to check 'em out.

  • Nate said:

    So i saw the sunset and the others and then I saw the dead cat. Thats gross. Anyways like the blog check out mine sometime its brand new http://foundonmars.blogspot.com/.

  • Anonymous said:

    Not a bad batch of photographs, but you clearly have some work to do... I have a couple things for you to read, they may be a bit eye-opening:

    Maddox on blogs and photoblogs

  • Charli said:

    Great shots! I'm a budding photblogger myself and I must say, I'm really inspired by your work! Just saying "hey". Check me out sometimes!

    -- Charli

  • Anonymous said:

    The cat? Totally unnecessary. Seriously.

  • Monica said:

    Awesome photos, love your blog, but could've done without the roadkill. Reminds me of my cat Tiger that was killed when I was 6. :(

  • satanaz said:

    excelente y entretenido saludos

  • Eldo thomas aka Eldorados said:

    HeY!!!ya blog is real poular now!!!hope i get these many comments on my blog someday.hope y'll visit my blog:)

  • willowspuppy said:

    Matey... liked all your pics but the cat one... seriously gross. I get the artisic merit, but maybe just this one is crossing the line?

    Just my 2p, i'm not a ranter, but i am a cat lover. (Despite that tho, i do get out, have friends, and don't call my cats 'My Babies')

    Thanks, looking 4ward to the next pic. :)

  • fallingangel said:

    What is with the dead cat? Yuck! So much for a happy picture! Great work, but no more dead cats or other animals, please!

  • friendless said:

    i love this blog. thanks for keeping it.

    wow, people really freak out when they are forced to look at reality. i love cats. i have three. but cats get killed, and it's sad and its sick but so is reality, sometimes.

    i wonder what all these people would do if you showed them where their food came from.

  • 3 Cats & a Golden said:

    Did you have to put the picture of the dead kitty?? Absolutely ruined your blog for me.

  • Vulcan said:

    Your pictures are beautiful.. really.

    (I was a cat in my past life, thank you for shootin' me but.. I didn't feel so well that day)



  • The Creative Death said:

    Um, there's a dead cat.
    And oddly enough, Im fascinated by it.

  • Julie said:

    I too really enjoy your photographs. However, I also feel the cat picture was really unnecessary. I understand death is a part of everyday life, but it also disturbs some to see it forever frozen in time. I was really enjoying looking at your work, and well...now I'm a little scared to keep scrolling down. It's good to move people, but without making them distraught.

  • shelbi1971 said:

    I love it!! Great idea.. Life is just full of pics and we don't notice the beauty of them until someone posts them!!

  • 2sons said:

    I absolutely love your site and can't take the time to sit long enough to observe each picture! Even my hubby loves it! Please keep up the work because you definitely found the spirit of photography.

    I love the cat pic, death is something that is inevitable, there is nothing different between a dead cat and a dead person from a war or floating down the street from a hurricane. And those people get paid to take pictures and print them in mags and papers. What's the difference between that and nude pics? Some people love Anne Geddes but others would think she's falling into the porn category, though she finds pregnant women beautiful.

    Keep up the great work!!! :) Will put you as a link to my blog, though it's not as good as yours LOL! :)

  • Sarah said:

    Great pictures! Got me through my last few minutes at work enjoyably.

    And to the person who said they hoped the cat had a natural death.....how would you explain the blood? It's quite obvious it was in some sort of accident.


  • Alessandra said:

    OOOOOOOOOOOO the dead kitty.....Good site tho...I have tons of pics at my site... www.terrierlove.blogspot.com

  • elisabetta said:

    no,il gatto no.Ciao

  • Zanny said:

    Hey Tim,

    No dead cats. That's just too depressing. Otherwise, interesting shots.
    From someone who grew up in Carpinteria

  • Annika said:

    I love your pictures and I start to feel bad because I will never be able to make pictures that are that good...
    Just have to hope, and practice...
    When did you start photographing?

  • Maikku-katti said:

    The dead cat.....very disturbing...

  • Marta said:

    Nice shoots!!!

    I believe that every picture we do is a piece of our life and unfortunately images like which appears in the photo of the cat are very frequent and we see them daily. I think the pictures are also a good way to denounce what we do not like of the reality

    sorry for my english, I know it isn't good enough but I hope you can understand my opinions :)

  • rhudith said:

    nice blog........ nice pictures you have in the sun...... i love nature.... but in my blog i didn't post any pic there 'cause i want to post a pic of nature taken by me...... see you in my blog.... but it's a childish blog...hehe

  • Mariposita said:

    Hi: Your photography is awesome - it's crisp, fresh & artistic. I am a photographer as well. I don't know how to add photos to my blog - could you help me please! My blog is: Mariposa Obsiciana.

    Thanks! I'd love to share my photos.


  • Charly said:

    Hi, liked a lot of your photos...

  • Ashley said:

    I like your blog...the cat was gross but i still like it

  • wingssail said:

    I really like your images. I wish you would be posting them in higher res so when I click on the image I get to see it full screen. Blogger makes this easy. If you want to know how, email me. svwings@aol.com

  • dIjE said:

    kewl pics and blog..
    keep up the good work girl ;)

  • Otto said:

    Great photos...shame about the cat....shame

    keep up the great work!!


  • NYPD Rookie said:

    Beautiful photos especially the one with people making the toast. The cat picture is fine, photographer's job is to capture a shot and make it into a timeless image. It's reality, why hide it.