Montecito Country Club Wedding – Dan and Beverly

Dan and Beverly were so relaxed and so in the moment on their wedding day. These two were impressive not only because of their affection for each other, but also because they might quite possibly be two of the smartest cookies I’ve ever met. (last I checked, Dan was out teaching at Princeton!)

Wedding hair at Montecito Country Club

Red wedding dress montecito

Montecito Wedding Photos

Wedding Smiles in Montecito

Wedding ceremony in Montecito

Chinese Wedding in Montecito

Wedding Bridesmaids in Montecito

Tang Wedding kiss in Montecito

Pure emotion wedding smiles in Montecito

Wedding in Montecito with flare

Montecito Country Club Wedding moment

Wedding rings at Montecito country club

Wedding at mcc for tang

Wedding bouquet at Montecito Country Club

Montecito Country Club

  • C+L said:

    gagagagorgeous!! love the emotion of the kiss & recessional shots! And LOVE the red dress!

  • Lydia said:

    Wow, her gown is so unique, and the bridesmaids' necklaces look awesome!

  • I love these! My fave is the kissing one with the tree, but that last one is a close second! Well done! :)

  • Ryel said:

    Love Love this wedding! You worked that red dress beautifully! Great work!

  • The first ceremony shot is amazing. What a cool perspective. Great set of photos all around!

  • Eric said:

    Where can I find a window like that :) Great stuff, man (as usual)

  • Thanks for your comment on our blog. You have some lovely photos as well. Beautiful couple, beautiful photos!! I love the rich red the bride selected. Such a bold contrast to the outdoor natural ceremony scene.

  • Awesome photos Tim and Cheryl! I love the red and the lighting and the location. You guys rock!

  • Juli said:

    Gorgeous set of high key images !! I love the storytelling presented in this set of wedding photos, as well as the emotion that was captured beautifully! Well done !!

  • Carly said:

    Red dress! I love it! It looks so beautiful!