My 25th Birthday!

That’s right, I turned 25 this past Friday!! I wish I could say I had a spectacular time, but sadly I came down with a cold! :(. My entire birthday weekend I spent cooped up inside, curled under a blanket on our couch watching anything and everything that came on TV. Thankfully my hubby Tim has been taking good care of me and hopefully we’ll get a chance to celebrate soon!

Being a self-employed Children’s Portrait Photographer it’s tough to force yourself to work when you want so badly to call in sick. But today I forced myself to take care of things around the office in spite of my aching body and clogged sinuses! Once I finish this blog post, I think I’m going to take it easy on the couch and focus on getting healthy!

A little while ago my former roomie Rachel asked me to take some portraits of her adorable 6 week old baby boy Ezekiel. I was so honored and thrilled for this opportunity! She came over to our place and we had a blast catching up with each other’s lives and capturing some fun moments of her first child! 🙂

Here are my favorites from that day:

And here is the link to Ezekiel’s entire session!

  • steve bélinge said:

    Happy Birthday- belated as it may be. If it makes you feel any better I spent the weekend just like you, not fun. I'm on my feet now and not coughing so much but, my head is still a solid block of congestion. It hurts to just think let alone concentrate on work...
    Hang in there!

  • Alex Robb said:

    Happy Birthday Cheryl!
    Hope you are well by now and celebrating life!

  • Tim Halberg said:

    freaking awesome!

    My wife rocks!!!