My neighbor is a Santa Barbara newspaper thief I…

My neighbor is a Santa Barbara newspaper thief

I figured, I’m a wedding photographer, why not function as a videographer for a few minutes, so here’s a video of the neighbor about to steal my newspaper (it had been not showing up for about 6 days, so I decided it was time to catch the thief. Funny thing is, this guy is like 50+ years old… so sad… he reads the note and just walks away… maybe I’ll buy him a subscription for himself.

  • Chris Humphreys said:

    The link didn't work to the video....fix it cause I REALLY wanna see it!!

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Fixed thank you to you tube

  • Elizabeth said:


    poor guy - has to resort to stealing his neighbor's newspaper. what is up? geez

  • Shyla said:

    HAHAHAHA... I laugh every time I read that note!!

  • Tim Halberg said:

    My mom says I should take down the picture... she doesn't feel it represents me well... I think it's my use of the word "bastard"... any thoughts? does it stay? does it get replaced?

  • Altaron said:

    No let it stay. It's pretty authentic and I think most people can relate. Let it stay. Overall it's hilarious ;-)

  • The Creative Death said:

    Although I almost feel bad for the guy, actually I do, but it is really incredibly funny... If you listen close I think I can hear THE BIRD tim! haha.
    Yeah, I think it might be a nice gesture to buy him a subscription...the use of the word 'bastard' was a little strong and it made me feel bad for him.
    Does he live by himself? because if thats the case I think you might go to hell for swearing at a lonely old man who just wanted to stay current with the news.
    Get back to me on the mean time I'll be praying for you.

  • blaine said:

    ya thanks for the text message that woke me up at 6am. Bastard.


  • Ruben said:

    Absolutely hilarious!

  • Shyla said:

    LEAVE IT! The consensus of girls I have shown agree that it is flippin hilarious!!! And it totally reflects your personality ;)

  • Tim Halberg said:

    alright... it stays!! :-)

    Though I think my mom's point is kinda worrysome now that someone has said this fits my personality... :-) hehe

  • Holritz Photography said:

    Freakin' hilarious!

  • Shyla said:

    It reflects it in a GOOD way! Your sassy Tim! (inner monologue: Can guys be called "sassy"? I guess they can if they know how to use an eyelash curler! yes, a guy can be called sassy.)

  • Kristin Renee said:

    Dude, you should be a private detective, that was hilarious! Hahaha!

  • verity said:

    The pic should stay... gives us the full experience...adds to the hilarity. :)

  • colinmichael said:

    Chris, that is great! I laugh everytime I read the note, a bit strong, but I get it. You should read the notes I write back to the Nigerians, and they are royalty.
    I had a neighbor that would steal the fruit off my peach tree. I walked out one day and there she was completely cleaning out my peaches. I stood there and she looked at me and said "well, you normally aren't home during the day." Hmm...

  • The Creative Death said:

    dude, colinmichael his name isn't Chris. Its Tim.

  • Ankur Sethi said:

    now this is funny

    i couldn't see the video is there any way u can email me the video

  • Steve said:

    He could have just asked to borrow it after you were done...plenty of people do that. His life probably holds little thrills as it is...stealing a newspaper is the highlight of his day. Poor old should just drop it in his mail box next time you're finished with it.

  • Sandig said:

    This is really funny - our neighbors bring us the paper after they are done with it... it shows up on our step mysteriously -almost every day... I should tape it for you. We never see them come. It is just there. They started dropping it off after our son totaled the car - so we could check out the auto section. You should leave a note asking him if he would like you to buy him his own subscription.... or asking him to -at least - put it back when he is done...ha ha! :)))

  • aimee said:

    I agree with Steve! You could start giving it to him after you're done with it.

  • Spider Girl said:

    Heh, I bet the old fella never thought he'd end up on the internet this way.

  • Elizabeth said:

    I vote for putting it on his step when you're done with it. :-) Sounds like a nice thing to do! And we all know you're a nice guy! ;-)

  • Meepers said:

    Good call, mate! You shoot weddings? I'm always looking for more top photographers - write me a comment on my blog, will ya? (I plan here in SB and just randomly stumbled here) PS I'd be all for a flaming sack of poo on his porch, but I'm vindictive like that. Heh!

  • matt & april said:

    hilarious! i thought it said "buster" at first and i thought was even funnier than the other 'b' word! :)