My sister, brother-in-law, and niece

My sister, brother-in-law, and niece

  • The Creative Death said:

    Yes I get the first comment!!!
    I love the shadows, its really neat how that turned out.
    Nice one.

  • ~Manda said:

    hee hee i just took a "shadow" picture this weekend myself! hmm great minds think alike! hee hee ;)

  • Foolosopher said:

    Oh my gosh!!!
    I wish I could get the same effect you can with your cam!!
    well...perhaps i might be able to in like, what, 4 days?( hint: candles and a cake)I need to know if the canon powershot can do the same stuff the markII can...

  • her smile lingered said:

    i never know how to capture those moments as you do with your camera. indeed you have an eye for things. hope that as i view your blog more, it'll gradually rub off some ideas to me. grins.

  • MigratingCoconuts said:

    Thats about the cutest thing ever!!!