New and old

New and old

  • Penelope said:

    Nice pictures!
    Congrats from Brazil!
    Gabrieli -

  • Erykillo said:

    Me gustan ambas, no hay m

  • digitalblasphemy said:

    awwwwww great pictures!

  • tata said:

    amazing photography!

  • ~Manda said:

    your pictures are awesome. ;) i LOVE taking pictures... i wish that was my job... but im just a lone secretary! :( owell... hee hee i burn my little digital camera up. it takes ok pics but i would like to get a better one... the wedding pic from your friends wedding in july (i think) was FULL of love! :) i could FEEL it from that pic. anyway, just wondering a bit on blogger... suppose to be working right now.. but it's FRIDAY!!!! whoo hoo. :) im sure i'll be back for more because i love the shots you have posted so far! :)

  • Marcela said:

    Todos los dias me sorprende lo que logras captar con tu c

  • dwight_house said:

    Great pics. I was nice to find another blogger from the Central Coast. I am in Florida now for school. I am just getting into photography with my 35mm Canon Rebel. Not to much to take photos of back here though. Keep up the good work.

  • Shahab said:

    hi there this is a nice weblog . keep doing it.

  • Monica said:

    Wow...I really like your photos.
    It's the first, but definitly not the last time I look into your site.

  • The guardian of the sakura said:

    I wish I could have your photos to express my words, in my blog.

  • Anonymous said:

    when i was little i wanted to be a photogapher when i grew up.i love your pictures.they are great

  • Tainted Dragon said:

    you know... I love taking pictures... but i never seem to look at them after... I'm studying to be an architect and I mostly sketch... seems like i read what i would be photography better when I sketch. maybe one day you'll photo my buildings, it's a possibility

  • bryan said:

    great photography! I live just up the coast from you in San Luis Obispo

  • Anonymous said:


  • julio said:

    I think this is a cool site... I love pictures, sometimes they say a LOT more than words ever could... a good pic can hit your emotions better than any sequence of words a person can put together... I hit on another site that's pretty cool with pics, not sure if you've seen it... it's called


  • superstarjo said:

    Want to see some fabulous wedding photographers from Canada? - I think you'll appreciate it as a photographer.

  • Lexi said:

    Your pictures are AMAZING!!! and you are very talented.

  • JoJo said:


  • KAS said:

    Keep up the good work!

  • Musafir said:

    simply amazin work, tim !!

    there's so much that you capture in one shot that makes it memorable....

    i have a photo blog too (, but i think i have a long way to go in photography...

    will learn tgh... keep them coming...

  • Liwiz said:

    your pictures are really amazing, i enjoy them a lot...
    You can make me feel "something" with them. and that's good.

  • BhawnaTulsian said:

    Good work. I always get attracted to passionate people!!

  • starbender said:

    cool photos

  • eisberg/gunthermalfert said:

    Strange spectacles there surprises thoughtfull.
    Strange land where you live.
    Fascinating woman.
    I wish your sex.