Our brand new Kiss Wedding Album sample

It’s always super exciting to get new prints and albums in the office. I think it’s probably the same feeling as a carpenter gets when they finish building a house and they get to step back and look at the whole thing.

So, when Shaun Austin from Kiss Wedding Books stopped through town and dropped off our newest sample album yesterday I was stoked!

This album is covered with their newest Italian leather in a lime green! (I know, at first I was like, ok, that’s weird… but seeing it in person, it’s kinda sexy in a lime sorta way)

San Francisco Wedding Photographers, Kiss Wedding Book

Wedding Photographers San Francisco, Album Design Kiss Wedding Books

Santa Barbara Wedding, San Francsico Wedding Photographers - Album Kiss

Wedding Photography San Francisco, Santa Barbara Wedding Album

  • Cheryl said:

    lol... you're kinda sexy in a lime sorta way ; )

  • shaun said:

    I like the word sexy. Loved your new studio. I am happy that we stopped by.

  • sandig said:

    wow beautiful... and the family portraits in the previous post.... amazing.

  • Armin said:

    That looks so sweet, I can't wait to get my first sample KISS album. And how many spreads are in your sample, looks THICK! Kinda dig the green.

  • admin said:

    We have a 150 page/75 spread sample Wedding Photography album that is split into 3 books, and we have this average sized album that is approximately 50 pages/25 spreads.