Pool diving sliding and more

Pool diving sliding and more

  • fallingangel said:

    LOL! Some of those look like they really hurt!

  • ~Manda said:

    lol looks like a fun time! :) but it's always fun when there is a "daredevil" to entertain! hee hee them are some good action shots! :)

  • Vulcan said:

    Hi Tim :) I'm looking the particulars of the water.. the shapes that it "draws" on the picture..

    interesting.. take care of u ;)

  • Tricia Trzeciak said:

    He is a crazy man a very crazy man. why didn't you let me know you were going to have so much fun?


  • nate said:

    sorry tricia we forgot to call you, it was kinda a guys thing. it was fun and it did hurt! am i a supperstar now??

  • 2sons said:

    I agree with Vulcan, the water ripples are gorgeous! Doesn't look like real water. :)

  • phing said:

    hi, stumbled upon your site a few weeks ago, gotten hooked ever since. love ya photos!! =) hope u don't mind me linking frm my page though.. =P

  • The Creative Death said:

    c-r-a-z-y eyes!

  • Susan said:

    I'm hooked on your site too. You have a unique eye. LOL, and in this case...it's literally a visual image we're talking about.
    I was from Northern California, is that grass going to seed you photographed the following day?