• voronha said:

    Estoy en Montevideo-Uruguay (Sudam

  • Derwich said:

    I really like your concept!

  • Francelia Lucero said:

    your picture are preety kool i like the car one

  • 3ngin33r said:

    love the angle shots, and the way you capture the light :D i'm a huge fan of dusk anyway lol

    keep blogging!

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Mucho gusto. Goc

  • Mama said:

    Great work! Keep it up.

  • Mone said:

    Looks like you are a night person. I hope I see more pictures, because I love good old America and its people. Greetings from Germany and I hope, you are recovering from Katrina very fast, even if is far away from where you are. Sorry if my english is not to great. Love and pease...

  • Anonymous said:

    You have some wonderful pictures here! Keep them coming.

  • Ruben said:

    Extremely impressive photos. I'm glad I ran across your blog.

  • Camila S said:

    Great pictures!! i love them ...from Chile...

  • Andren said:

    Nice photo work and a great idea for the blog. I wish we would have had somebody as creative as you to do our wedding. We hired a nice man who claimed to have gone to Brooks (in your neck of the woods). His book looked great but the end result was terrible.

  • SuperGirl said:

    I love your pictuers! The one of the apartment building at night is great! Thanks for sharing your photo's with all of us!

  • isikalz said:

    oOo.. yellow... wait a sec... when is the day yellow? lol. great pictures. =D

  • Isaac said:

    love your shots...great idea! Makes me miss home!

  • Cindy said:

    Wow... Those are amazing! I was surfing bloggers & ended up here, I'm glad I did.

  • djduel said:

    it's reallllllllllllly nice pic.
    now your on my favourite web blogs list

  • Erykillo said:

    Hermoso, magnifico, bello... Estupendos trabajos, incre

  • Doxallo said:

    Awesome blog. :) I just began taking some photos -- have been reading at the photo forum on WetCanvas! for tips etc. My photo blog is at http://doxallo.blogspot.com/
    only a couple of pics there. Feel free to offer comments or critiques.
    THANKS! Hope to check back in soon!

  • allison WONDERland said:

    I had taken a pic of my eye too. I don't know if that's YOUR eye but I saw it and thought, "hey, I did that too." Mine's blurry though. Not as up on the camera features as you. :) Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing

  • Aaron X said:

    I just started a couple of photo journal blogs, check them out.



  • Aloke Kumar said:

    Tim, Its a good site. Keep it up . Very Good Photography. I'll come back.
    Take care of yourself and family.

  • Richie said:

    Great blog! Love the photos! Hope to see some more :)

  • Anonymous said:

    Your Photo's are wonderful, I especially liked your wedding ones (night ones too!)Word of Advise: to get your feet on the ground (or at least in the business) do wedding photography for $$$. (your good at that, trust me.) Then on your spare time, your new found passion: Night Photography! then as you get better (trust me...always room for improvement in photo business)you can start selling your work to different places: newspapers, magazines, online, etc... hope you make it! (and hope this helps)

    PS: BROOKS COLLEGE SUCKS! (they are up for fraud charges)

  • LadyNatasha said:

    Wow, what an interesting blog concept. It is amazing how those photos can speak such volumes. I am a photographer, too. (A teenage amateur, to be exact.) I'll check on your blog every now and then. :)


  • goldo said:

    A celle qu'on voit appara

  • zixbox said:

    First time to visit ur blog !
    I very like ur stlye and love ur photo.

    Can i add ur blog in my favorites??
    Do you know ? I like art,Photo,Movie but i study engineer no so good. The wrong way for me. My family make Thai movie maybe u can know it !

    Keep walking

    : )

  • Pinocchio said:

    Great Picture.

  • Blessed One said:

    Hey..the pics taken are so COOL. Love them.

  • Jill Ball said:

    Awesome pictures...I love photography blogs--keep it up

  • Jill Ball said:

    Awesome photos--I love photography blogs...keep at it so I can keep checking back

  • Serum said:

    It's an encouragement to see your idea to snap up a moment or ten a day for the share fare. I just got back from Mexico doing photography and got thrown in jail and my dig SLR stolen and you have encrouraged me to invest again and go for it once more, no matter the material cost. Thanks bro...almost went to Brooks last year.

  • bRoWnIe said:

    OMG where did you take this picture ???.. I have a sony laptop and their screensave has this picture in it.. I love this picture

  • docman1963 said:

    Great photos.

  • Miz Aphrodite said:

    Great pictures!!!...Beautifully captured..I'm really interested in photography. Do email me at zarra75a@yahoo.com
    really love to hear from you

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Hey Zarra... I tried to email you, but that addy didn't work... maybe try shooting me an email at tim@timhalberg.com

  • Elliotnatch said:

    Hello Tim,

    I just found your blog. I'm pretty new in the "blog world". I've just created my own few minutes ago. I'm passionated with photography too. I specially love the one where you're lying on the floor with a girl by your side. Both of you look happy. To me, the picture transmits serenity, freshness and love for life. Congratulations!!!

    My blog will be: http://eltiemponoessuficiente.blogspot.com

    email: notfocused@gmail.com

    Best regards, from Madrid (Spain).

  • ike_on said:

    omg i'm such a fan!!!
    u'r work is amazing.
    i'm real interested in photography and ur stuff is real good!anyway i'll be checkin in often.

  • belmaltan said:

    very fine blog,
    cheers from istanbul

  • Anonymous said:

    Really Nice pictuers !!
    I Love to take Pictures my self
    And U kinda Insipre me and i have a lot to learn as well.

  • David Jones said:

    Your site is absolutely amazing! I love the picture of you and (I suspect) your wife. Beautiful, keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous said:

    Hey I was just wondering how you can post pictures on your blogger!?
    You can email me at Hello_kitty_meow_13@hotmail.com to tell me! I would like that!

  • JudeSut said:

    Some truly beautiful photos!

  • Blalib-Blog said:

    Eigentlich ver

  • fragmentos said:

    me paresen muy buenas esas fotografrafias

  • KAMPIIII said:

    Excellentes photo; beau travail beaucoup de cr