Recent finds all from my Holga

Some of these photographs are from weddings, some are from our anniversary when we went to Mexico, and some are from when I’ve gone out recently to shoot for fun.

(I would love to know what you guys think about the size of the pictures right now. I made it so I could post bigger pictures, but are they too big now?)

First, this is the sickest happy accident I’ve gotten in a while, and I didn’t even realize how cool it was until I looked really close. I was going to enter it in a print comp tomorrow, but realized I don’t have a big enough scan of it!!

Edit: for those who can’t see it, look just above the couple’s head and you can see a faint image of them kissing – this is a double exposure on the same piece of film. – end edit.

Jennifer and David Roberts at the Bella Victoria Vineyard

April at her wedding at the Madrona Manor:

April Holland Madrona Manor Wedding

For our anniversary in November we took a trip down to Baja with our friends Austin and Dara and took a little side trip to La Bufadora.

Mexico La Bufadora Anniversary Trip

This cat snagged our picture with his polaroid camera. Hopefully he’s stocking up on film right now seeing as Polaroid just announced that they’re going to stop making his film. 🙁

Mexican Photographer at La Bufadora with polariod camera

Sunrise at Rincon on “Big Wednesday” December 5, 2007. The sunrise was truly amazing (I only maybe see the sunrise like 4 times a year)

Big day at Rincon December 5, 2007

  • sandig said:

    sweet. love the first and the last shot. have some film in my holga... thanks for the inspiration.

  • The Baja photo and the Rincon one are off the hook!! I like the size of the photos now. Fine on my screen.

  • Cody said:

    Big looks good.

    Now lets see some some stuff with the "vintage" film...

  • Love the big images! And that first happy accident is just perfection!

  • sue said: it take ALL of you who love the big images have at least a 20" screen....cuz on my little MacBook....i'm losing 1/3 of the image and have to scroll down. That kinda ruins it for me. BUT...they are amazing pics, Tim!

  • I've got a 22" and I have to scroll down a bit to see the whole image. (We have a few too many toolbars at the top, I think.)

    Great pics - though I can't figure out what happened with that first one, but it's cool!

  • Carly said:

    Oh that sunset picture is absolutely amazing! I love it!

  • Carly said:

    And by sunset.... I mean sunrise... haha.

  • tori said:

    :P i love holga fit photos dear!