Santa Barbara’s Art Walk – Photographers, Sculptures, Painters….

This is a post that probably most people won’t truly understand, only those other lucky “brookies” who spent time in classes like LP, LS and LT…

I’ve never gone to the art walk before (well, I’ve gone past it a million times, but never walked a section of it) But this past weekend Cheryl’s cousin was in town for some family portraits we did of his wife, baby and him.

So we’re walking along admiring all of the artwork. Some of it I “connect with” and some not so much. And then we hit this photographer’s set up:

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers Kids Family Portraits

Total Brooks assignments!!! Wish I’d thought of selling that stuff!!!

  • Steebo said:

    I could go threw my life without having to take another picture of something on Blackglass.

  • britt said:

    ha!! so smart!! :) there actually is some pretty sweet stuff on the art walk!

  • Kuroda said:

    Hott. Hey, nice spending time with you recently. Glad you got the bug and are stoked on the artistic side again, that's kinda important considering our profession.

  • That is hilarious. I wonder how many people actually bought the portrait of the girl they don't know. I guess someone might? As for blackglass, Im going to have nightmares tonight. Thanks:) -KK