Self Portrait

Self Portrait

  • Photography said:

    thats really cool!

  • katier said:

    interesting. I do a lot of self-portraits. but I've never done on like that...

  • ~Manda said:

    nice knob! hee hee ;)*winks*

    (sorry it was there i had to take it!)

  • Erik said:

    That reminds me of the project you had to do at Brooks, lighting the ball bearing (or something like it)... n e ways, it looks sweet man.

    You should come down to SD soon and we will do a behind the scenes tour and upclose animal shots.

    Posted some new pics of the baby panda on my blog, their gonna have the public participate in naming her. laters

  • Ruben said:

    I tried to do this with a giant metallic sculpture at Millineium park in chicago and I just got a Photo of a reflection of my gut .

  • Kelly said:

    My friend did a similar one in a tea pot. I like your photography quite a bit.

    (By the way, I've linked to your site from my blog. You can also check out my photography page and maybe comment a bit on it.

    Keep up the good work.

  • PeeeJ said:

    "...and I just got a Photo of a reflection of my gut."

    That either says something about your camera skills or more worryingly, about the size of your gut?

  • Tclement said:


    You seem to be on some sort of domestic kick?

  • Schlie said:

    this photo is amazing!!!

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Lol... todd, that's the second time in the past few weeks someone has made the "domestic" comment to me... YIKES!!! :-)

  • CandyGirl said:

    oh... it's a knob... i thought it was a pawn to chess set

  • Aymster said:

    LOVE it!

  • neha said:

    pawn? isn't it?

    i thought this had some philosophical twist to it with being a 'pawn' in the world or something.

    but being a knob in the world opens up unprecedented opportunities.

    btw what is it?

  • Rohit Talwar said:

    loved this shot..!