So I’m selling a ton of stuff on Craigslist right …

So I’m selling a ton of stuff on Craigslist right now. If you’ve never used craigslist.org you’re missing out. I found the place I live in right now on Craigslist, I’ve sold all sorts of things on there, I’ve given away a few couches and washer and dryers on there. It’s GREAT.

So, I was taking pictures of things to sell, and I was just snapping really quick shots, and I ended up with this:

I thought it was a pleasant surprise for a simple and almost pointless shot.

  • blaine said:

    I second the craigslist comment! i've sold so much crap on there... all my Nikon gear! :)

    You just have to beware of the lowlife scammers.

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Yeah... I've heard of people recently being scammed on craigslist... bummer

  • The Creative Death said:

    ha, for a second I thought you were trying to sell those pliers on craigslist...

    I bought my ipod on craigslist, greatest buy I ever made...although I was a little creeped out that I had to go over to someone's house to get it... but it turned out to be one of my friend's neighbors (a 6th grade boy) so it was alright.

  • thuy said:

    jiminy cricket, tim, you don't kid around with your pictures. my photo-a-day would never compare.

    i met you yesterday at rob+sarah's. i was the one tending to the fish and the seating name tags. it's nice to have met you. please stay in touch!

    congratulations on your engagement!

    thuy (twee)

  • eightyone81 said:

    How are you? How's SB treating you? I am in Berlin and miss it. Please take a deep breath of ocean air for me and slow down for a minute to enjoy the place you are in!
    Let me know whats up... oh and congrats on your wedding!