Some videos from the survival trip… (yes… here’s proof we actually tried to eat moss)

Ok… so we got hungry, we tried moss… but it turns out we really weren’t “that” hungry:


  • Happy birthday Man!!!! I was just on OSP and saw that it was your b-day. Don't drink to much wine tonight. LOL

  • haha... I've been trying to post Taylor's video... but my blog doesn't seem to really like embedded videos too much...

  • Ruben said:

    Good Lord!
    I love food, but it's scary to think that one day I might actually get hungry enough to try moss. lol

  • Mark said:

    That's gnarles dude. What other gross stuff did you do that's not on camera?

  • NO!!!! OMIGOODNESS! Okay you guys are hardcore gnarly--- you were probably one of the kids at youth group who volunteered to swallow the goldfish? :)

  • Yea man, I just googled ultralight and they do look a lot nicer. The other guys I was with had 50-60 pound packs, I thought I was doing good at 40! You ever get a chance, you got to hit up Fossil springs in Pine AZ, 6 mile roundtrip but as nice as the grand canyon hikes.

  • hehe... I was the kid at church camp biting the heads off of fish to get more points for our team...

  • jas said:

    Happy Birthday! Glad to see you made it out safe, that video is funny!