The 6 most extreme wedding proposals to inspire you for Valentines Day

In the wedding photography business, we hear all kinds of wild stories about how couples met, what they did on the first date, and how they proposed. Any more, the proposals just get more and more creative.You may not have heard, but simply dropping down to one knee and saying “will you marry me” is no longer the standard in marriage/engagement proposals.

Living in a culture driven by excitement and living on the edge, marriage proposals have followed suite and have taken us to places our parents would never have dared. Today it’s all about standing out and having a wildly fun story to tell that will get passed down for generations.Here is a collection of some of the wildest proposal stories we have heard of.


1. Taking the marriage proposal prime-timeRand goes prime-time with his marriage proposal

Rand & Geraldine Fishkin, Seattle, Washington
from the Best Marriage Proposal ides website

Rand had been dating Geraldine for about 5 years and the time had come for Rand to pop the question. Rand wanted to propose in a genuine, unique, and completely romantic way, equal to the love he felt for Geraldine.Being a major NFL fan, Rand began to play with the idea of proposing via a Super Bowl commercial. Obviously the task would be monumental but luckily Rand works within an industry that may make the idea work. Rand works within search marketing, specializing in search optimization, online viral marketing, and things of this nature.

Rand started on his idea in late August of 2006. He put together a website and started working his magic. Rand started to draw a lot of attention online from loads of companies including The Manly Man Co. On his website he posted his game plan, the hurdles that lie ahead, and the solution he needed to execute the Super Bowl commercial proposal.

Rand found that in order to purchase ad space during the 2007 Super Bowl, he would have to raise approximately $2.5 million dollars. He put up a good chunk of his own cash and waited for the donations to pour in. By February 1st, just 3 days prior to the Super Bowl, Rand had only collected $85K. The wedding invitations would be covered but unfortunately this was not nearly enough for the Super Bowl ad space. His proposal publicly gained the attention of Entertainment Tonight, MSNBC, Good Morning America, and Fox News just to name a few.

Despite all of this, CBS was unwilling to part with the valuable ad time for a mere $85K. Rand did the next best thing and purchased local ad time during Geraldine’s favorite television show Veronica Mars. On February 6th at 9:23 PM, as Geraldine was watching the show, Rand’s ad came on the screen, asking Geraldine to marry him. She said yes! Her response was genuine, sweet, and very romantic.Rand donated the remaining money raised to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

Watch Rand’s proposal yourself here.

2. Taking it to Zero G’s, a weightless proposal

Zero G 727 Marriage Proposal Idea

Alexander and Graciela Loucopoulos, NY
from the Best Marriage Proposal ides website

Alex wanted to give Graciela a very special birthday gift and booked a Boeing 727 aircraft to take them on a zero gravity adventure. The Boeing 727 is designed to fly up to 35,000 feet and then nose dive to 24,000, allowing the passengers to experience a near zero gravity effect. While Alex and Graciela were floating in the cabin, Alex popped the question.

Alex was a bit worried that while in zero G, the ring might float away but luckily everything worked out. Graciela not only received a great birthday present but they experienced an amazing proposal, a love so strong, unbound by gravity itself.

Graciela is an architect and space enthusiast. The couple plan on spending their ten year anniversary in orbit.

3. Taking it to extreme depths

Underwater Wedding/Marriage Proposal is a thing of the tropics.

Dan and Justine, Cancun
from the Best Marriage Proposal ides website

It was Justine’s birthday and Dan had planned a grand birthday getaway to Cancun. Dan coordinated with her work to make sure she secured the necessary vacation time. He did not tell her where they were going but Justine surmised it was someplace warm since Dan had packed three swimsuits the night before their trip.

Dan was able to keep their destination secret until they arrived at the airport. Justine was ecstatic to learn they were leaving for Cancun! When they arrived, they settled into the hotel and spent the whole day shopping and eating.

The next morning Dan had planned a SCUBA excursion. The weather was gorgeous and the reef and tropical fish were stunningly colorful. While underwater, the group dive master had everyone take a seat on the ocean floor. For some reason the divemaster was taking his time initiating the underwater tour and Justine wondered what the hold-up was. Justine looked over at Dan who was maneuvering his fins to prop himself up on one knee. He took a small box out from his diving vest and opened it to reveal a beautiful ring attached to a string. He placed it on her finger and although they could not speak underwater they touched regulators and her answer was obvious. Once they surfaced there were congratulations all around from the dive group.

Dan and Justine spent the rest of their vacation with more shopping, swimming in the ocean, getting pampered and eating a surprise, post-dinner birthday cake. Justine hopes to return the romantic gesture by celebrating their first anniversary on another underwater SCUBA trip.

4. The extreme heat stunt man proposal

Stunt man style wedding proposal

Todd and Malissa Grannis, Oregon
from the Best Marriage Proposal ides website

Todd has some interesting friends. One in particular is well-known stunt man Eric Barkley who’s done many human-torch fire jumps. Todd devised a plan to not only entertain family and friends at their annual 4th of July family reunion but to also propose to his girlfriend Malissa.

With Eric’s help, Todd set up a stunt to launch himself off a platform above a swimming pool while being completely engulfed in flames. Eric dressed him in the appropriate fire-retardant attire, with flaming cape and all. Todd alerted his family of his proposal plans and the entire event was kept secret from Malissa until sundown.

Eric fashioned a torch out of an aluminum pole and with Todd ready to jump from the platform over the pool, Eric lit Todd’s cape on fire and seconds later he became complete engulfed in gasoline induced flames. Todd ran off the platform in a breath-taking display of dangerous excitement. The burning man soared through the air against the night sky and landed in the pool, extinguishing himself from the fiery blaze.

Todd surfaced and pulled off his hood, walked over to Malissa and got down on one knee.”

Malissa, you make me hot. I want to get the point across that I’m on fire for you,” said Todd.

Malissa was laughing from the excitement and insanity of the whole display.”

I kept laughing, thinking he was so funny-why was he on his knees?”

Then Todd pulled out the ring and popped the question.

“Will you marry me, Malissa?”

Todd placed the ring on her finger. “Yes!” she exclaimed.

The couple had been dating for a year and had discussed marriage but never seriously. They also share a personal hero, Richard Branson and his adventurous, risk-taking personality.

5. Bottle in the sand on a remote island

Bottle full of love, and a wedding proposal

Stephen and Kimberly Berg, Florida

Stephen and Kimberly met while attending college in Florida. He thought he had no chance with such a beautiful girl and held off. But when they finally started dating, it wasn’t long before they realized they were really onto something. Stephen realized he definitely needed to find a very special way to propose. He learned of a trip Kimberly was taking with some of her girlfriends and he decided it was the perfect time to surprise her with his wedding proposal.

Stephen began looking into some fun ideas and realized that planting a bottle in the sand with a note inside would be something super special and something she wasn’t likely to ever forget. To top it off he decided to charter a boat for the day and had the captain take him to a tiny “uncharted” island off the coast. They planted the bottle in the sand on this remote island earlier in the day, then headed back to the docks where Kimberly’s friends (who were in on the plan) had convinced her they were all going to rent a boat for the afternoon.

As Kimberly approached the docks Stephen surprised her and told her he wanted to kidnapp her for the afternoon for a fun day on the sea. The captain took them out and helped them “discover” this island, dropped them off so they could enjoy the island all to themselves for a while. They started their walk down the sand and quickly spotted the bottle waiting for them. As Kimberly read the note inside she realized that this had all been created as an elaborate enagement proposal.

And of course she said yes!

6. The fine-art of marriage proposals

George and Sara’s “My Early Muir Owl” art piece proposal

George and Sara Aye, Chicago, Illinios

Over a four day period (this is after all the planning was put together) George spent a total of about 24 hours constructing what would soon become his engagement proposal to his beautiful girlfriend Sara.

Wishing to create a proposal and art piece all in one that would be elaborate and meaningful George, an industrial designer, sat down at his computer and designed the piece in a 3d program, then laser cut foamcore to create the different pieces that would form the words, “Will You Marry Me.”

Putting in even more thought, he named the art piece “My Early Muir Owl” which is an anagram of “Will you marry me.” He then brought in an actor who he dubbed “Serge Gandaora” who played the part of the artist for the night. (“Serge Gandaora” is an anagram of “George and Sara”)

When “Serge” asked Sara to view the art installation through a carefully placed frame, George dropped down to one knee beside her and as the words took shape before her eyes she came away with a clear yes and a ring on her finger.

The video on youtube is a must watch.

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