The Night

The Night

  • Photography said:


  • The Creative Death said:

    Prety cool! I love the night....

    Except in Portland when its raining and windy and absolutely grotesque outside.
    Then its no good.

  • Foolosopher said:

    u know what'll be cool? get a shot of the moon behind clouds on a dark night with no lights over a minute shutter-speed!!! THAT should come out nicely^^

    I'd do it myself, but my new cam's gotta 30 second limit*crumples in a corner and weeps*

    *promptly jumps up again, rushes outside, and tries it anyway*^^

    but, damn. I just ralived i'll need a tripod...*weeps again*

  • Foolosopher said:

    um... make that *realized*^^

  • CAROLYNE said:

    I'am not agree with Creative Death
    Even if it's raining ,you can have
    beautifull shots.
    In France we have ,curiously... the same roads and the same public ligthing ( ? ).

  • ujnip said:

    Great Pic..
    The Lonely Streetlamp

  • Sandig said:

    Thank you for sharing your pics...I enjoy checking your blog. Your photos are inspiring.

  • samantha said:

    Oh.. I love those night shots..

  • Vita O'Sheas said:


  • Sierra Saltwater Systems said:

    where are you tim?

  • Sandig said:

    --When will you be back? I miss your daily posts. Hope everything is ok...I am going to assume that you are very busy or traveling. Hope to see your new photos soon...

  • The Creative Death said:

    Missing you tim!

  • Maria said:

    Hello Tim...

    Where are you? I promise to comment on your photos from now on, just please come back and post.

    :) pieces of m.e.

  • LadyNatasha said:

    It's amazing how just taking a short glimpse that your photographs can bring back so many memories, even if it's as simple as sitting in the back seat of a car as I'm sleepily talking to my mother.

  • E.V. said:

    I'm booooooooored.. We need some new stuff...As your friends said... Plzzzz Come Back!!..

  • ~Manda said:

    hey tim, hope everything is alright, we haven't heard from you in a WHILE! :) i was just curious to know if you were going to post anymore photos or not. ;)

  • friendless said:

    lonely light is so isolated. it makes no difference in the darkness near it. but on the STREET...hello!

    this makes me happy. i love your blog. yay.