This was my first time ever visiting Knapps Castle…

This was my first time ever visiting Knapps Castle! This place is such a blast!

I got to play with my 10D that I had converted to infrared!

  • The Creative Death said:


    these are pretty sweet, I love the last one!

  • Shyla said:

    Steve took us there!!! It is sooo beautiful! Our shots werent this cool though... Very NIIIIICE Tim!!!

  • blaine said:

    i can't believe you didn't make it up there for so many years! cool place eh? sweet pics yo!

  • Chris Humphreys said:

    Dude....that 2nd to last image looks like someone mooning the camera!! :)


  • Foolosopher said:

    i need a more sophisticated way of saying O.M.G.
    i'm getting a serious inferiority complex just STARING at these!! blow me over again ;)