Today was another busy day in Hawaii. I did get a…

Today was another busy day in Hawaii. I did get a chance to watch the sun set over the ocean though, and that was AMAZING!!! 🙂 Though a bit quick…

  • brian said:

    holy crap that's beautiful. you have quite an eye for these things.

  • Ruth Iara said:

    I've just discovered this blog with wonderfull photos. Congratulations. I also love photos.


  • Koi Pahailee said:

    Truly amazing

  • fallingangel said:

    so jealous of you! would love to be near the ocean!

  • ~Manda said:

    yep, fallingangel is right on my level.. lol I WANNA BE THERE!!!! :(
    looks beautiful.. thanks for making me JEALOUS! hee hee j/k :)

  • Juanita Pin said:

    i love it!

  • Marcela said:

    estas fotos estan super buenas.

  • Yi Huang said:

    I like ur blog.... it's amazing.... I have a blog with a lot of photos too, at '', come and visit it! Good job!

  • Shirley said:

    I really like your blog. I love all your photos.

  • Atlanta Single Man said:

    LOVE YOUR BLOG!! i just found it today! I wll be back!

  • miss_mae said:

    Beautiful pictures!!
    I've started to dive into the photography world myself. Check out my website- I've got photo page links.

  • m o n k e y p o o said:

    i'd just like to say that you're an amazing photographer and that the lightning shots are tops!

  • Ahmed Shokeir said:

    All your pics are greaaaat ..

    Regards from Egypt

  • Santa-Maria said:

    I guess I don't need to say that these pictures are really nice, since everyone can see that. Good job. I'm gonna visit your blog more often. I have some pictures in

  • bob said:

    Great photo blog! My father went to Brooks in the 60's, check out some of his early work

    I'll being checking back in.

    Thanks, Bob D.

  • Rhonda (TomboySuzy) said:

    What a great blog!

  • ONHOLiDAY said:

    that's beautiful! i don't see that where i live although i did see pretty places in malaysia.

  • Jose Roces said:

    Check this blog everiday is for me an obligation. Your photos are simply the best.
    Love from Venezuela
    Jose A.

  • Nayara said:

    hi i saw your blos and its very interesting all your photos are beautiful and amazing I also love photos and im studyng photography and then I will make movies.....take pictures every day I will try to put my photos too you are making an amazing work congratulations I hope that you will see my blog bay... take caree

  • Joe the Working Schlub said:


  • ~ | | OM | | ~ said:

    came here thru Arun Verma's BLOG.. and am i happy or what... your fotos are amazing...

    Just loved them...

    Happy Clicking...

  • ~ | | OM | | ~ said:

    oh... i hope u would not mind me adding a link to your blog on mine would you?

  • R2K said:


    You need to just make a book of all your work. It would sell. Do a book with 365 images, one a day for the year... That would be dope.

    Plus I get 10 percent for the idea :)


  • Kristi said:

    Wow, I love your pictures!!!! I'm a photography major and just love looking at other peoples work. Very cool.

  • Erykillo said:


  • pegasus said:

    beautiful pictures

  • jose luis santos said:

    i make a blog now. it

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Awww... you guys are soooo awesome and nice. Seriously, don't even worry about asking if you can link to my blog, I'd be more than happy if you did.

    I can't wait to show you guys the pics from tonight's wedding. :-)

  • Dev said:

    Nice blog you got. Why not promote your blog on


  • el cabra said:

    ehi!good work...i like your photo.Owever, why don't you go to say my photo and give me your impression?
    sorry for my bad-english

  • Lido said:

    some great shots !!

    cool blog site aswell... keep up the zest for life

  • 2sons said:

    I'm seriously considering re-marrying in Hawaii LOL! I hope you have more pics of Hawaii and look forward to wedding pics! :) I have to check your website each day now LOL! :) Therapy for me in my world of changing diapers and picking up toys :)

  • jovie said:

    Great job with those photos!! You captured the life of every object! Im looking forward for your other photo collection :)

  • Wookie Beast said:

    My blog is only a minor compared to yours!

  • Weiz said:

    That pic reminds me of my hometown... ^^ beautiful!

  • Daddy O! said:

    Wow! Seeing all your photos man I must say I am impressed. I don't have photos but you can check me out at "Blog Pad". I will be checking out your site everyday just to give me a beautiful image in my brain amongst the ugly I see on a daily basis. Thanks man for reminding me of the awesome beauty this world encompasses.

  • Paulette said:

    wow! breathtakingly beautiful...

  • frankybme said:

    Just found this blog, very nice. Great pics

  • rangerxlt said:

    Love the photos. The sunset was beautiful. I have just started taking photos myself. Yours are outstanding

  • Shahab said:

    hi buddie; ilike your pic and blog keep doing it.