Tonight’s AMAZING wedding. :-)

Tonight’s AMAZING wedding. 🙂

  • OpenSourcePhoto said:

    Anyone who says your pictures aren't awesome is stupid.

  • Mads said:

    Absolutely beautiful! The expressions you've captured in the second photo are incredible.

  • katier said:

    there are a couple in there..oh man. awesome awesome. You chose a great angle on the last one with the "toasting". My favorite though, is the man holding the book which looks like a Bible. It's real simple but really stunning and eye catching at the same time. Geez, I wish I knew how to talk photography lingo better. But really, you do an awesome job, your eye is good.

  • Ruben said:

    I like the perspective of the photo of the guys giving a toast.

  • Marcela said:

    Me gusta la foto numero 5.

  • KingOfSpades said:

    I like the Ferrari photo... maybe because I'm italian? :P
    great shots

  • Erykillo said:


  • Shuumi said:

    Your photos are great!

  • Arun said:

    Awesome pics! Noticed your blog a few days back. Blog-hopping is fun when you chance upon blogs like this one.

    ~ Arun

  • Jack Uzi said:

    Love the site. I'll be coming back to see more.

  • absslut said:

    your blog is fantastic, sorry i'm not speak eng :)

  • Jeremiah said:

    Those are Freaking AMAZING. I love them.

  • Scott G said:

    they were absolutely beautiful i love you work it is an insperation.


  • Nipitnthebud said:

    You have a beautiful site and awesome photos! I love the mother and the child. They look so happy!

  • Saija said:

    what an interesting take on life ... i really enjoyed the pics, you have "the eye" ...

    blessings ...

  • Albus said:

    I love the statue's photo specially. :)

  • wickedwarhol said:

    Love ur photos. Awesome collections!

  • {c} said:

    Fantastic Photos!!
    Saw your blog ont he main screen..Love it....

  • Omar Cruz said:

    Just saw your photo blog.. Nice pictures. :) Keep it up. :)

  • monilove said:

    Consider me a fan from NYC.

  • bez-cukru said:

    ...anyway i agree with ka-tea, i like them a lots, and it's importent when you can stop for a moment and think a little bit of it, and wonder what was happend ..., and feel this moment...

  • James Heneghan said:

    Great photo of the wedding toast! Easily my favourite on this site so far! Excellent!

  • Peety said:

    I have to agree with a few of your readers...

    This wedding series has to be one of my favourites ...

    "A Picture can say a 1000 words" ^.^

  • MigratingCoconuts said:

    I flipping love this blog! I had to look up a blog to write about in my college comp. class and I came across yours. I check in on it every time I have the class. Your awsome. Keep up the good work.

  • Nadia said:

    very nice photos :D
    great work

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    Nice photos.

    Check out hurricane pics.

  • ~Manda said:

    the toast is AWESOME!! that one is my fav by far.. i love weddings! ;)

  • Vita O'Sheas said:

    A W E S O M E photos, Tim!
    (now, I know what I't means!!!!)
    No more comments.
    Buen trabajo, son ALUCINANTES.

  • Nuno said:

    Nice, very nice.
    I visit your blog everyday to see what

  • Kev said:

    Very cool!

  • Jiggaboo Jones said:

    I wouldn't say them pictures are awesome cause I don't talk like that but I am stupid and I still think Those pictures are MFP Mother Fuckin phenominal!!!! or even better than that !!!!!

    So we agree

  • oregoncelticlady said:

    The sheer joy in the little girls face...amazing!! And the gentlemen toasting...I love pictures that at first glance make you say "What the heck is that?" and turn your self sideways! Awesome!

  • quimera said:

    simplemente genial ..

  • 3ngin33r said:

    just ... wow

    everytime i come upon your blog, its like 5 minutes of continuous staring at one post lol

    cheers !

  • Joyce said:

    I just checked out your blog (off 'Blogs of Note') and thought you were photos were nice. I'm not at all an expert in this area, but you're great at capturing nice moments. One thing - adding a line here or there for each post would be nice...maybe something on your fav photo of the bunch.

  • 3ngin33r said:

    oh, and i think i'll add you to my blogroll :) if ya don't mind

    take care

  • jawaher said:

    they are really wounderful .......ur pictures are not only pictures , they send masseges :) great job

  • O said:

    Stunning pictures mate.

  • Vita O'Sheas said:

    Hei, just another 2comments:
    I post your link in my blog (I'm learning too fast!)and, please, delete the R9post (the mexican teenager with a big mouth...)

  • Mag said:

    Amazing photoblog! Can I link you from mine? Simply awesome photos...

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  • rhein said:

    really inspiring photography - thanks:).

  • Bec said:

    Would you guys fly to Australia to do my wedding when me and my boy finally get hitched??

    Seriously. You're work is amazing.

  • Tim Halberg said:

    Hey Guys,

    thanks again for your amazing comments.

    Just to answer a few quick questions, definitely feel free to link to my blog. I greatly appreciate anyone doing that.

    Also, yes, we will travel anywhere to shoot a wedding. We love weddings in beautiful locations. If you are interested in more information in regards to wedding photography, definitely email me at


  • ebaybridge said:

    This one is a feast for the eyes...Keep up the great scenes!

  • blakholephysics said:

    great stuff. love the angles. if anything in photography is more important it is that, and you have mastered it.

  • said:

    YO. . your photos are fresh..

  • Ahmed Shokeir said:

    The last one is wonderful

  • rhoda unplugged said:

    was the toast on your head which thinks up such super stuff...

    luvely photo ...

    wishing you all the best

  • PhotoDoctor said:

    I love your photos! Check out mine if you like @ I'm just a budding self taught photographer and would love your opinion.

  • Sanjog said:

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  • Sanjog said:

    n i alway thought that these kind of shot existed it only some fancy magazine... great work girl...

    u may check out more earthly photo at