Tony and Stephanie’s Santa Barbara Wedding

Some of my favorite images from Tony and Stephanie’s wedding. They had their wedding at Santa Barbara’s First Methodist Church.

You can check out the slideshow from Tony and Stephanie’s Santa Barbara wedding here.

  • Tim, I like how you honored the church like that (taking a pic up at the top, including in the field the balcony seats etc.). I got married in a huge huge chapel (as you know), and of all of the pics I've ever seen taken from the top balcony area, I've never seen a pic that actually included that balcony area in the pic. But I remember going to church services in that top balcony area, and those are fond memories, so I would love a pic from the perspective you got that would include the unique quality of a chapel like that.

    Not sure I worded that all well, but just wanted to say I think you really honored the chapel by taking a pic like that!

  • Wow, what a beautiful chapel! The photos look amazing as usual, Tim! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am really excited about getting married! Take care!

  • Ryan said:

    Dude, I love that church shot. Fantastic work.