• Arun said:

    awesome! fantastic pics!

  • Vita O'Sheas said:

    Happy 2006, Tim!, Vita

  • The Creative Death said:

    Cool, I wish I was as tough as an elephants skin, man nothing gets to them.
    But I guess they don't forget anything either...supposedly...thats just the word on the street.

    Anyhow, cool pics.

  • ~Manda said:

    it's been a while since i have been back to check out the pics! :) Hope you rang in the new year with a FAT ol' party or something! ;) hee hee

    love the pic of the ape lady! LMAO! you always have such GREAT pics here! i'll try better to get back here more often!


  • Sandig said:

    a rhino and an elephant??
    gnaarlllly! :) I think I might visit the Zoo this spring. -With a new perspective. Thanks. These shots are great.
    Happy New Year.

  • Spider Girl said:

    I THOUGHT I got close to elephants while I was in Africa, but I think you got the better close-up shots. :)

  • E.V. said:

    What happen with "pic a day"!??? More than 10 days that you don't update your blog.... mmm this is getting boring!...

  • Andrea said:

    oooo, very nice!