Wow… I shot two weddings this weekend and I have…

Wow… I shot two weddings this weekend and I have to say, they were two of the BEST weddings ever!!!

Saturday was my first wedding this weekend, a very intimate event with just the bride, groom, his two kids, me and my second shooter and then the judge. When we arrived everyone was in the pool in the backyard, so of course, me and Mark hopped in the pool with everyone and began shooting some pretty sweet angles you could only get from the water.

Cheryl and Ken were the couple, and they were absolutely amazing and such a BLAST to hang out with. I’d have a hard time saying I was working because we literally were hanging out with them taking pictures. (I’ll post these up later this week)

Today/Sunday was my second wedding of the weekend. My room-mate (well, he’s married now, so former roomie) James Ryan Becker got married here in Santa Barbara and it really was just a perfect day! She rode in on a horse, he was happy as could be, and they were seriously just the most beautiful couple. I co-shot the wedding with Melissa Musgrove and we had such a blast! We couldn’t go wrong with pictures of these two because they were so amazing!!!

Ryan and Jamie:

  • Sandig said:

    Beautiful... can't wait to see the pool shots. Its great to be able to do what you love for a living! :)))) and to be sooo good at it. What a blessing!

  • blaine said:

    Thats so cool the got married! I remember hearing they were engaged but didn't know then were gettin hitched so soon. Stoked for them. Sweet and very creative pics Tim.

    Is that shoreline Park?

  • Holritz Photography said:

    Agh! You were shooting!!! I would have loved to see you while I was there :(

    Miss you!

  • Poeticy said:

    Those black and whites are amazing! Were they shot with infared? They look different, but beautiful.

  • Ruben said:

    I was blown away by these photos. I've got to crash someone's wedding so I can get an opportunity to take photos like these.LOL

  • Frank DiMeo said:

    Great stuff Bud! Beautiful!

    Really hope you can make it to the east coast in September.

  • Kelly said:

    I have to say, you're a great wedding photographer. You don't seem to be bound by convention, but at the same time you don't go off the deep end with it and do something ridiculous.

  • Kelly said:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I like your creative use of overexposure. You don't see that very often (as opposed to underexposure, which is used quite often to creative effect by a number of great photographers and photobloggers, such as Noah Grey), but it gives a dreamy effect to the pictures of the bride.