Calistoga Ranch Wedding Venue

Visiting the Calistoga Ranch for a wedding walk through for the first time earlier this year, I was floored by this unique wedding venue. They have their own private hiking trails (soon to connect with neighboring wineries) – a private lake, wine cave, and some of the most amazing accommodations I’ve seen in the region. I fell so in love with the accommodations that I actually have been searching around trying to find builders creating similar living spaces.

When planning your wedding at Calistoga Ranch you can be assured that you will be eating great food, you will be enjoying the best drinks, and this outdoor setting will be nothing short of unique and amaze balls all wrapped into one. I only ask that someone please put me up on property for a week of relaxation!

Just sitting next to the private lake enjoying a cocktail or glass of Napa Cab would be tough to beat on it’s own, but Calistoga Ranch offers weddings the chance to relax on a private lawn, and hike their own mountain trails on the wedding day.

Calistoga Ranch Wedding 01


Calistoga Ranch offers the perfect mix of luxury meets rustic for your wedding venue.

Calistoga Ranch Wedding 02


Relax during your wedding reception at Calistoga ranch on this outdoor patio overlooking the private wooded valley that surrounds this Napa wedding property.Calistoga Ranch Wedding 05


Looking to create beautiful outdoor wedding photos on a wooded property in Napa – then Calistoga Ranch is possibly the best answer. Put me up for a week and I’ll even include two custom heirloom wedding albums with any package. 😉 (what can I say, I’m indulgent….)

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