Carlton and Paola’s Santa Barbara Destination Wedding

Carlton and Paola contacted me for their wedding on the ULTIMATE date! Lead Day!!!! How freaking fun is that! I actually wanted to get married on Leap Day, but then I found out I’d have to wait over a year longer to get married, and so I said scratch that. So, it worked out perfect and I was still free to photograph this super fun wedding!

And, the coolest thing, Carlton and Paola gave me something like 3 hours alone with them after the wedding ceremony to do photos of the two of them all around Santa Barbara!! They also made my day because they were super stoked on having us shoot black and white film for them! (we’re shooting more and more film at our weddings and it’s just sooo beautiful!)

Check out their slideshow here to see a ton more really fun pictures!

 Carlton and Paola’s Santa Barbara Wedding

Ilford Delta 3200 – gotta LOVE that grain!

Wedding shoes detail photo, Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara courthouse wedding dance

Black and White film at the Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

Black and white coverage all the way for Carlton and Paola’s wedding

Who said a picture had to be in focus to be beautiful? LOVE it!

Soft and out of focus wedding photography in Santa Barbara

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