Choosing the Right Watch For Your Wedding

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How to Choose a Watch for Your Wedding Day

Long past is the time where it was okay for a groom to wear a tux and be done. You need to think about your accessories too. And, for most grooms, that mainly consists of shoes, pocket square, tie, cufflinks and watch. The watch is one of the most important parts of your wedding outfit – how will you tell whether your bride is late if you don’t have a watch to wear?

Deciding on which watch is for you can be a difficult one. There’s one rule however, whatever you’re wearing, that you should look for luxury in your watches. Stick to the big names, such as Patek Philippe, and you know that you’re getting a watch that will last you a life time.

The Morning Suit

If your wedding is of the formal kind, then only a smart, formal watch will do. Your morning suit will consist of a morning jacket, waistcoat and trousers, and if you’re going for the most formal of formal, a top hat too. You should choose a watch which matches this level of attire. Stick to leather straps, and choose a face with clean lines, without gadgets or (too many) complications for a simplistically beautiful look. Take a look at these images on Pinterest for inspiration.

The Classic Three Piece

If you’re sporting a slightly less formal suit and have opted for the classic three piece suit, then a formal watch might be too much. Wearing black? Spice it up with silver accessories (provided this matches with your bride of course) such as a white gold or silver watch and a silver or grey pocket square. With your watch you can get a little bit more extravagant with the complications or the colour. Go for an ultra shiny, sporty watch that says Bond, James Bond and you’ll have the ideal watch for your wedding.

St. Regis Punta Mita 33

Casual Cool

With a more casual wedding, you can play with pattern, print and colour, as well as with your accessories. Think colored suits, patterned waistcoats, check shirts, braces and neckties (though perhaps not all at once). Have fun, but keep yours and your groomsmen styled perfectly, i.e. don’t go overboard. This means that you have free reign with the watch that you wear. Nothing too flashy or over the top, and you’ll match the tone of the whole do perfectly.

Another factor to think about while buying a watch for your wedding is that not only should it match your wedding outfit, but also your style. You want to be able to wear your big investment after the wedding too.


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