Chris and Brianna’s Carpinteria and Santa Barbara Wedding

I’ve been lagging on posting up weddings recently, so I thought I’d come out strong with a wedding that we absolutely NAILED! (It didn’t hurt that Chris and Brianna are both absolutely beautiful people who are crazy in love and amazingly expressive)

I’m HUGE on capturing emotion and Chris and Brianna were not lacking for a second on that. Chris is so expressive and these two were just smiling all day. So much love and passion, this is seriously what I live for in my photography.

Chris is a really amazing photogapher himself and it was a huge compliment when he asked me to photograph his wedding. (he’s one of four photographer’s weddings we’ll be shooting this year!) And Chris is actually on staff full-time at our church Reality Carpinteria.

Warning… I believe this is the most pictures we’ve ever posted in one blog post…

My camera was “borrowed” by my friends at the table to capture a shot or two of Paul and Jen:

The boys decided Chris needed a quick experience with a Hora style dance… nobody was hurt during this scene (though I can’t say the chair did well)

I think at this point Chris might have been having second thoughts

Yeah… I cut off his head, but seriously, he got some air!!!

These last two images are just because I’m a total camera/photo nerd. I was shooting a 24mm prime lens at 1.4 and shot five quick frames trying to get just a bubble in focus, I did it:

And then I just cropped into 100% on that frame and because my camera has such awesome resolution at 21 megapixels that you can see people in detail as well as my lens in the center of the bubble… (I’m probably the only person who thinks this is remotely cool…)

Chris and Brianna had their reception at the same location as Cheryl and I did for our wedding, the Stella Mare’s Event Center. (always serving up delicious food and a great location)

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