Chris and Jen’s Wedding at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum

Over the past few months since Chris and Jen booked us for their wedding we’ve become friends and had the chance to hang out a few times for dinner, as well short visits in the driveway since we’re neighbors. It all started when they came over and enjoyed a bottle of wine with us. We knew right away they were “our kind of people.”

Chris and Jen’s wedding was incredibly relaxed and simply a blast. Their friends were all there celebrating with them and it was a wedding where you could tell that each and every friend present at the wedding meant a lot to Chris and Jen.

You can check out their slideshow here.

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  1. Just wanted you to know that the only reason I take the time to look at your blog is if I think Cheryl had something to do with the photo shoot – That’s basically the comment you left on our new combined blog about me essa! 🙂

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