Christmas was good to us (and we got a dart board!!)

Ok… so I am super thankful for all the other gifts we got (bed sheets, blender, TONS of candy, pictures, gift cards, games, a french press and a ton more) but the thing standing out in my mind while sitting in the office is the dart board! That’s right, darts!!

Having a dart board in the office is the most amazing thing. I finally have a place to take a break and relax for a few seconds to take my mind off the computer monitor.

Our friends the Beckers (Ryan and Jaime) cruised over the other night for a movie and some games and me and Ryan broke the board in with a game of Around the World. He did awesome for not playing a lot (I used to play darts all the time with my old roomie Owen Jones)

Playing darts has never been so fun!

Ryan Becker Game Night, Santa Barbara Wedding Photography

As creative as I get the ye-old camera phone (yikes)

Santa Barbara’s Premiere Dart Game, James Ryan Becker, Wedding Photographers

Sportcraft – classic (and I guess timeless, even though I remember being a child in the 80’s playing on my dad’s board that looked EXACTLY the same, except for now I know how my dad’s board looked when he first purchased his)

Santa Barbara’s BEST dart Board, Wedding Photographers Halbergs

And now for the challenge… come over, play a game of darts, and if you get the red bullseye with any of your first three darts, you score a free beer or bottle of wine on me. 🙂

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