Cliff House SF Wedding of Jenna and Aram

I love San Francisco! And what’s not to love? The city, the nature surrounding it, the bridge, the weather, and of course the electricity you feel in this beautiful place. When Jenna and Aram approached me to shoot their wedding, I couldn’t have been more excited. When you browse through these images you’ll see so many varied types of shots. I loved the first look for the architectural style of the location where it took place. That staircase was too cool for words. Some of the outdoor shots of Jenna and Aram with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance show off the nature of this picturesque location. The night ended with one heck of a dance party that felt more like a dance competition! It’s always the best way to wrap up the perfect wedding.

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Thanks to all the vendors involved in Jenna and Aram’s Day. Can’t wait to work with all of you again:

Venue: Cliff House San Francisco | Floral Designer: April Flowers | Entertainment: Warren Wong | Beauty: Fresh Face Makeup | Dessert: Sprinkles | Photo Booth: Memento Strip

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