10 thoughts on “Color”

  1. Hi there Tim! I just wanted to let you know you photographs are amazing! A friend of mine told me to check out your blog and she was right! You are an amazing photographer and looking at your photos helps me see the beauty in everyday life! Thank you for your blog!

    Marie V.

  2. Your new pics are beautiful. Took me some time to get thru them all. 🙂 but it was enjoyable. Decided to leave one comment -here.
    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your gift with us! 🙂

    my word verification is ai-ai-j—kind of like ei-ei-o – you are right – sometimes they are longer that the actual comment. Makes me feel like I am back in typing class. ;P

    have’nt been to your site for awhile dude but i can tell you’re getting BETTER and BETTER!!!!
    and, hey, i think i can say the same for myself! i just came back from a holiday in newzealand!!!!
    drop by my site and check out the pics too!! i think they’re cool…but it’ll be nice to have a pro critique them^^

  4. That’s soooo funny Chris because I was just going to give him heck for not following through with the photo a day. Change it to photo a week Tim:P HE HE!!!

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