Critique our wedding photography website for your chance at a $20 iTunes gift card

That’s right, we’re actually going to be giving away two $20 iTunes gift cards this week!

All you have to do is take a look at our weddings website: and then take a quick survey and let us know your thoughts.

You can’t take the survey unless you’re on our mailing list (seriously, I wouldn’t normally make it that way, but that’s how the survey software works… since it’s tied to our mass email software thingy) So, if you didn’t receive the email today about the survey from [email protected], then you’ll want to email me at [email protected] and say something along the lines of “sign me up so I can take the survey” and I’ll get you added to the list and notified of the link for where to take the survey!

Well be drawing on Monday April 7 for the two lucky winners. Hopefully that gives you all enough time to check out our website and give us your opinions.

Also, you won’t be entered to win the gift card unless you follow the link at the end of the survey and enter your email addy in both slots…

We’re excited to update our website and show you our newest work. Hopefully with your help we can make the best site possible!!!

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