Dan and Cara’s Santa Barbara Beach Wedding

Dan and Cara are truly one of the sweetest couples we’ve met. Everyone surrounding these two couldn’t say enough good things about them.

Cara used to work as a wedding planner at Sunstone Winery, so she knows the industry inside and out and had a stellar group of wedding professionals on hand to help create a beautiful and simple and fun wedding day!

We had a blast with these two hanging out on the beach taking photos on a BEAUTIFUL spring day here in Santa Barbara. You really couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Ok, and first up I have to share their wedding cake topper with you! They sent out and got their exact faces made into bobble heads! Seriously, ingenious! This is THE COOLEST wedding cake topper I have ever seen! (it was super funny when one of the guests decided to touch the head and see it bobble, well, it was a little top heavy and fell over on the cake, it was promptly placed back on top of the cake, but with cake all over the groom’s face! – I’ll add a picture of that soon) (I know you want to order your own, so click here and send them your picture) (Cara also mentioned that if you send them a close up picture of your face you will get a much more accurate representation of your look)

seriously, the coolest wedding cake topper ever in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara's Darin John hair salong was the setting for Cara's prep

Cara and Dan enjoyed beautiful Santa Barbara weather at their wedding

Santa Barbara weddings are the perfect way to celebrate your marriage

Cara and Dan had an amazing Santa Barbara Wedding at the beach

You can check out more pictures from Dan and Cara’s wedding in their slideshow by clicking here.

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