Dawn Ranch Lodge Wedding of Laura and Kelsey

It’s true what they say..love is love. And in the case of Laura and Kelsey love was all around us on their wedding day. This amazing couple chose Dawn Ranch Lodge in The Russian River as their venue. The place is amazing in every aspect because of the huge trees on the property, the cozy cabins for getting ready, the apple orchard there, and the amazing light! I could literally shoot here 10 different times and it would never look the same.

My couple Laura and Kelsey are such special people. They both have such an amazing sense of humor and love for life and each other. That love was fully embraced and supported by their family and friends. Even their dog was there to celebrate their union! Their wedding was a long time coming, and the celebration for them was quite a party. For the big day both of these beautiful brides chose to wear wedding gowns that suited their style. I loved how they wore fur wraps for the evening chill. These women are fearless and their confidence is was an inspiration to me and everyone in attendance. Love really is all you need and Laura and Kesley have it is spades!

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Vendors: Venue: Dawn Ranch Lodge | Florist: Floribunda Floral | DJ: DJ John Piazza | Desserts: Kara’s Cupcakes | Bridal Gowns: Amy Kuschel



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