Dreaming of Spring

It’s that time of year again (mind you a bit sooner than planned) that Spring has started to make itself known, and the snow (what little we’ve had this year) is melting away – meaning I’m beginning to dream about the backpacking season!!

With a baby on the way and a full season of weddings in the books – I’m trying to figure out ways to sneak away for a night or two high in the Sierra.

John Muir Trail sunrise in Yosemite National Forest
John Muir Trail sunrise in Yosemite National Forest

Hopefully there will be less snow than we saw in this 2005 trip through the John Muir Trail:

Hiking and post holing through days and days of snow on the JMT

John Muir Trail and one of many high altitude passes

lots of snow and ice on the John Muir Trail

Sometimes it pays to have a sign that reads “nice guys” when hitch hiking home from the middle of nowhere. If I could do it, I’d send our driver a Gift Basket as a thank you for the hours on the road driving us all the way home!

Hike the John Muir Trail and then hitch hike home

So, what adventures do you have planned for 2015?? Anyone want to join me for a quick trip through the JMT? I’m thinking 7 days should do it if we push it hard enough.

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