edit: www.timncheryl.com is now up and running :-…

edit: www.timncheryl.com is now up and running 🙂

I know I still have more catching up to do on here with wedding pictures, but in the meantime, I thought I might just let everyone know that I got engaged today!!! I am soooo blessed and sooo excited!!! Cheryl is so absolutely amazingly beautiful, kind, caring and sooo sooo sooo much more!!!

I have a bunch more pictures to come that I had my buddy Andrew VanGundy take from the bushes!!

But here’s one just after she said yes! 🙂

18 thoughts on “edit: www.timncheryl.com is now up and running :-…”

  1. Hehe… aww!!! Thanks everyone!!! We are soooo sooo excited and we’re so happy to have such awesome support from everyone!


    Congrats bro!! Im so excited for you two! Whens the big day i need a reason to come back to SB!

  3. friggin sweeeeet dude! you da man. i had a feeling it was coming!
    it’s funny I almost said something about you and cheryl in my comment on your last post… but I stopped myself!

  4. Congratulations Tim!!! That is sooo exciting!! LOVE the pics! So awesome of Andrew to do that for you both:)

  5. Terroir Photography

    Congrats!!!! It’s the best and at times most painfull thing you can do! But there is nothing better!

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