Yosemite & Tahoe Adventure Elopement Photography

Yosemite & Tahoe Adventure Elopement Photography

We loved working with Tim! He was able to provide insight on the best places to take pictures in Yosemite, and we ended up getting shots we never thought were going to be possible. He was also great at suggesting new locations that we wouldn’t have thought of, and he was just a great guy to spend the day with. He makes sure you have everything you need before your picture date and has a fast turnaround time. We would recommend Tim to anyone! - Anna

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Celebrate the intimacy & beauty of your elopement

Having photographed hundreds of weddings and elopements since 2005 - I’ve found two big differences between a full-wedding and an elopement. With a wedding, couples are normally creating a celebration to share with their friends, with a focus on entertaining and having a huge blow out party. For my elopement couples, they are seeking something that’s more of an experience just for the two of them, time to soak it all in, to celebrate who they are as a couple, and to spend time relaxing, a truly intimate experience.

The reason I love elopements is it’s a chance to spend more time with a couple - in a way that allows them to just relax, to enjoy each other and their surroundings without rushing onto the next piece of the day. Elopement weddings provide a no pressure, no anxiety, no spending the day trying to please someone else - just a totally custom adventure focused on what brings the two of you together. A chance to fully focus on each other. And in turn, this creates more intimate wedding photography.

With a background as a photojournalist, I strive to capture real/authentic moments - these do exist during a larger wedding - they exist in a less coerced way during a wedding elopement. While I’ll be with you as your elopement photographer- I do love stepping back and letting my couples enjoy each other, with me backed off and taking photos at a distance, and even at times, putting the camera down and letting private moments just be.

Many of my couples who elope in Tahoe, Yosemite or around Northern California tell me that they are more private, and for them getting married is intimate and they want to make their ceremony an authentic representation of themselves, and to have 150 people watching and listening to their vows doesn’t feel like what they want for their wedding day.

Imagine a wedding day where at any moment, if you just want to take a moment and breath, grab a beer, or just chill out and watch the sunset without worrying about entertaining all of your guests - this makes elopements a beautiful experience.

Ultimately, you get to experience more of your day.

As far as why I love them - my favorite subject to photograph is a happy couple - and an elopement is exactly that. I get to be part of the planning often times and either show couples some of my favorite places in Northern California, or I get to experience an area through their eyes. It’s intimate, we get to share drinks, stories, and have an adventure and create epic photos that couldn’t happen on a regular wedding day.


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On this page, you'll find information about my photography, including collections and pricing, as well as images from previous clients and resources to help you prepare for your photos. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

How we work

Adventure Elopement Process

Most people think that elopements require less of me, but in reality, I give more to my wedding elopement couples as I often end up filling the shows of wedding planner, adventure guide and more.


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It all starts with filling out my contact form. Once I have the first few details, I will reach out to set up a phone call. I’d like to get to know you and answer any questions you have and make sure we are a good fit for each other. During this call we will explore your elopement options - wedding venue and location options, timing of the day, and which pieces are most important to you. This helps me put together a timeline for your day, as well as a custom quote if/when needed for your specific coverage.

Planning Call

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Once you’ve booked your date with me, we’ll set up another call to go more in-depth about your wedding day and to nail down all of the details, refining the day's plan to ensure you have time to relax while doing anything/everything you’re hoping for. If you need to borrow some of my headlamps, or want me to pack in some of your favorite snacks or drinks, we’ll make it happen.

Wedding Day


The day of, I’ll probably show up an hour early to make sure I’m all set, maybe to poke around a bit and to review my notes for the day. After your elopement, I try and deliver a quick sneak peak within 5 days.


Soon after, my editor will select and process your photos and deliver those through an online gallery for you and any of your friends/family to see your full collection of wedding elopement photos. At the same time, you will receive a private download link for these same finished photos via online download. If you would like, we can schedule a design session if you are interested in purchasing a wedding album or any pieces of finished wall art.

One look at Tim’s pictures and you know he’s amazing! He is also a blast to work with. We highly recommend Tim Halberg. We could not be happier with the pictures we received from our engagement session and from our wedding. Our pictures are so special to us and we feel so grateful Tim was our elopement photographer. Look no further, if you want absolutely gorgeous photos Tim Halberg will not disappoint! - Lauren

Our promise

Our Guarantee

My mission is to capture couples authentically being themselves, enjoying nature in a way that reflects on their relationship and how they love each other. I promise to take the time necessary to get to know you both, to learn what you love about each other - the little looks, the touches, or expressions you see in each other and can’t get enough of. Then I will use these insights to capture your intimate wedding elopement to tell your story on a deeper level and with more meaning than you expected was possible.



My coverage range from $1900 to $30000, most of my elopement couples spend $3000 to $10000 on a Northern California elopement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For elopement coverage, normally I see couples spend $3000 to $10000.
Yes - most of my couples will utilize my insights to figure out the best location as well as the best time of day for photography at that location. 
Yes and YES - if you’re willing to hike at least a half mile and maybe 1 mile or more, I can get you to some truly epic locations with as much privacy as you would like.

This is going to vary depending on where you get married. I can guide you for pretty much any spot in Northern California you plan to elope to. Also, I have found many couples are happy to visit the courthouse back home either before or after their elopement to get the official paperwork done and to spend their time on their elopement just relaxing and not worrying about those details.

For most locations - YES. For some locations, no. I can help guide you by location on what you need, how to get it and who to contact.
Technically, an elopement is just the two of you. Beyond that we enter into the “micro wedding” or “intimate wedding” realm. That said, I tend to suggest that under 30 guests falls within the realm photographically of what I consider elopement style coverage. The smaller the guest list, the more intimate your experience will be.

This is going to vary from couple to couple. I tend to start at 2 hours, but I have helped provide wedding coverage for elopements ranging from 30 minutes up to 18 hours. A phone call will help guide us on how to get the most out of your experience. I’m here for you to make your day something memorable and relaxing.

This is going to depend on how badly you’d like to work with me. I tend to book couples about 6 to 12 months prior to their wedding elopement, but some of my couples who elope will plan pretty last-minute, and I’ve been called in to photograph these weddings with as little as a few days notice.

Just one. For less than 30 guests, anything more than that and suddenly me and my team are more than just photographers. Suddenly we would be a significant portion of your day. If you love what you see on my website, you’ll love what I can create for you by myself, and we’ll keep your experience 100% authentically about you two and not about the photographers.

I don’t aim for a number. I hear too often, "Joe said he will deliver at least 100 photos per hour.” My approach to photography is quality over quantity. I used to never state a number range because I wanted to knock every delivered photo out of the park and not worry if we ended up with 196 EPIC photos vs. a promised 250 and now digging back in to find 54 add-on photos to fulfill the promise. BUT - so many couples are comforted by numbers. Most of my couples will see 40 photos per hour or more. I’d LOVE to chat about my shooting style over the phone, but needless to say, I embrace the ADHD and am creating photos constantly. My goal is as many amazing photos as possible, without relying on a high number to impress you.

HELL YES! I HATE that this even needs to be a question. It broke my heart when a mom texted me this asking for her son.

Absolutely, I’ve worked with some of the best and am stoked to point you the right direction.

Let’s get your date reserved and the general area where you’d like to get married selected, and then I’d LOVE to share all of my secrets!

No, sometimes, yes. For my local areas (Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Napa/Sonoma regions), I don’t charge travel fees. If you are looking to elope somewhere beyond these primary wedding locations, let me know and depending on what you are looking for, a travel fee may or may not apply. (That said, I’m a sucker for a great bottle of wine.)

I do. More and more I have focused on elopement photography, but I do still take on several larger weddings each year.

I will hike as far as you’d like to hire me to go. I have through hiked the John Muir Trail two times, once in snow in about 18 days, and once in the summer in 9 days. I’ve photographed multiple backpacking weddings overnight and am happy to adventure with you as far as you are game to go!

Ahhh the age old “cheat” from lesser experienced photographers. I LOVE engagement sessions. BUT - only newer photographers need this cheat to create good photos. I run a full-time portrait studio and have been photographing weddings since 2005. I know how to work with couples to create natural, candid photos that show them at their best. Between our calls ahead of your wedding day to how we interact the day itself, I will get to know you and help put you at ease.
That said, if you’d like an engagement session, I would be STOKED to do one with you. If you have been convinced by a magazine/website or newer photographer that this is a MUST as a “get to know you” thing, let’s just grab a drink or a bite to eat and do a real “get to know you.”

Well… that depends, who’s asking? I tell Google and Yelp things to help them help me show up where I work. BUT I live in Folsom, CA - just outside of Sacramento (yes, Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison). And we have a portrait studio just up the hill in El Dorado Hills. But I’ve grown up my entire life in Yosemite and exploring the Sierra Nevada. Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra are my jam. I don’t know EVERY spot, but I’d venture to guess I know more than most.

Monday through Thursday will give you the most space to yourselves, but any day of the week will work if you’re willing to plan accordingly.

That’s up to you and where you’d like to go. Do you want snow? A beach? Wanna swim in a river? Do you want Milky Way photos? Do you want mountain wildflowers? Each of these will get a different answer.

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I would highly recommend Tim! He was very personable and professional. Tim was very upbeat and had a great sense of humor. He was accommodating to specific requests and was very thorough. Tim's passion for the outdoors/adventures made him a great fit for us. - Kellyn


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Internationally Published, Voted Top 100 In The World - Tim Halberg is a Northern California Wedding and Adventure Elopement Photographer obsessed with the outdoors.

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