Engagement Sessions ROCK!

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot! I LOVE shooting couples together having fun! And to top it off, I get the just hang out and get to know the couple, not just point a camera at them.

Just the other day I was able to meet Megan and Christo! What an awesome couple! I had a blast with them! They are both graduating from medical school and getting ready to start their residency. Wow… I picked their brains for at least an hour over lunch and I learned a TON! I thought residency was just something where you applied where you wanted to go, just like a job. Boy was I wrong… I’m really excited for them because it sounds like there are some pretty cool options for them with their residency!

I can’t wait for Megan and Christo’s wedding. They are getting married at the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley, fairly near my old stomping grounds in Santa Rosa!

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