Ewww…. my backyard… spiders…

Ewww…. my backyard… spiders…

15 thoughts on “Ewww…. my backyard… spiders…”

  1. Haha, you think you’re gonna have nightmares… shoot, I shot those pics like 8 hours ago and I’m still itching all over cause I think there’s a spider crawling on me…

  2. great shots, I have a huge creepy spider living around my front door I’ve been meaning to photograph before she moves on.

    I stumbled upon this a few weeks ago and have have been regularly reading it, love your style.

    Mind if I link back on my blog?

  3. The Creative Death

    I have the biggest spider phobia of anyone I’ve ever met… I thought I saw I spider crawling across the steering wheel as I was driving on the freeway… want to know what I did next? I let go of the wheel.

    Nice pictures though….

  4. Woah Tim! I’m impressed about the last pictures you posted here!

    After two days away from my mac (I was ill) I prepared for my blog some macro shots..

    What a surprise to see your spider’s pictures!


  5. If I knew a spider like that were living in my backyard I might move.

    I’m not a fan of spiders. Arachnaphobia is probably the scariest movie ever made but I’m compelled to watch it. Every time I pass it on TNT or TBS or something I can’t help but watch it. I’m terrified but fascinated. Just like I’m fascinated by these pictures, even if they make me feel like I have a spider crawling on me.

    I have a link to you on my blog because I enjoy your photos, I hope you don’t mind.

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