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Yes - most of my couples will utilize my insights to figure out the best location as well as the best time of day for photography at that location. 

I don’t aim for a number. I hear too often, "Joe said he will deliver at least 100 photos per hour.” My approach to photography is quality over quantity. I used to never state a number range because I wanted to knock every delivered photo out of the park and not worry if we ended up with 196 EPIC photos vs. a promised 250 and now digging back in to find 54 add-on photos to fulfill the promise.
BUT so many couples are comforted by numbers - most of my couples will see 40 photos per hour or more. I’d LOVE to chat about my shooting style over the phone, but needless to say, I embrace the ADHD and am creating photos constantly. My goal is as many amazing photos as possible, without relying on a high number to impress you.
HELL YES! I HATE that this even needs to be a question. It broke my heart when a mom texted me this asking for her son.
Absolutely, I’ve worked with some of the best and am stoked to point you the right direction.
Let’s get your date reserved and the general area where you’d like to get married selected, and then I’d LOVE to share all of my secrets!
Depends where we're going and for how long - travel outside of Northern California typically requires a travel fee for actual travel costs.

I do. More and more, I have focused on elopement photography, but I do still take on several larger weddings each year.

Ah, the age old “cheat” from lesser experienced photographers. I LOVE engagement sessions, BUT only newer photographers need this cheat to create good photos. I run a full-time portrait studio and have been photographing weddings since 2005. I know how to work with couples to create natural, candid photos that show them at their best. Between our calls ahead of your wedding day to how we interact the day itself, I will get to know you and help put you at ease.
That said, if you’d like an engagement session, I would be STOKED to do one with you. If you have been convinced by a magazine/website or newer photographer that this is a MUST as a “get to know you” thing, let’s just grab a drink or a bite to eat and do a real “get to know you."
Well… that depends, who’s asking? I tell Google and Yelp things to help them help me show up where I work. BUT I live in Folsom, CA, just outside of Sacramento (yes, Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison). And we have a portrait studio just up the hill in El Dorado Hills. But I’ve grown up my entire life in Yosemite and exploring the Sierra Nevada. Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra are my jam. I don’t know EVERY spot, but I’d venture to guess I know more than most.

My couples on average will invest $10000 to $20000+ with me

Napa carneros resort and spa wedding

My style:

My background has created my current style. I have worked as a photojournalist at a newspaper, was trained in commercial photography at Brooks Institute of Photography, and own/operate a Family Portrait Studio. Combining all of this at your wedding, I know when to be a ninja to blend in and let things happen, but I'm also not afraid to speak up and help you look your best with a quick posing tip.

Light - I'm always looking for and using the BEST possible light - whether that's available from the sun or reflected off a building, or if I need to bring in an accent light or reflector, I'll make you look the best I possibly can!

Ultimately, I want to make photos that look/feel natural and celebrate who you are.

Wedding Day Photos

How many photos will we receive?

My goal is to deliver a curated collection of photos that capture the story of your wedding day. How many photos that is largely depends on each wedding, the activities taking place and the guests.

I would rather focus on knocking each image out of the park for you, so rather than aiming for a number - I prefer to go into your wedding day capturing it as it unfolds vs. attempting to force a final number.

Photography at the Perfect Elopement Location

How many hours of coverage do you normally provide?

I've landed on coverages of 5, 7 and 9 hours for bigger weddings, and 1, 3 and 5 hours for smaller/more intimate weddings. I've done as long as 18 hours, and as many as 4 days in a row - so it's up to you and what you'd like for your wedding day. My suggestion, if you're thinking about 18 hours, split things up and do a second day of coverage - we can go explore and create epic photos without rushing your wedding day.

Yosemite Wedding Taft Point

My mom wants to know if you take family/posed photos?

I get it - my mom asked the same thing when I was getting married. And by all means, we'll take the time to do beautiful posed family formals. Prior to your wedding we'll figure out what groupings are important for your family and friends and we'll make sure we plan for the time needed to knock those out of the park.

Weddind Day Photography

Can we create epic adventure photos on our wedding day?

I live for epic adventures - for pushing things to the limit (and maybe a bit past) - if you're down to allow time for it, I'd LOVE to go on adventure with you on your wedding day - or even the day after.

Day After Sessions are the ultimate solution and make for endless opportunity to create epic photos!

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