Finally a bit of time at the beach

Finally a bit of time at the beach

4 thoughts on “Finally a bit of time at the beach”

  1. The Creative Death

    Wow, I love how the foam is so 3-d and even has shadow…very cool. Makes me want to go to the beach!

  2. beach….. i need beach. was in the city yesterday timmy boy, mike was telling me about a killer image of you with fogged up glasses. this i gotta see!

  3. Haha… YES!!! where’d you see mike? man… to hang out with you and mike, that’d be a BLAST!!!!

    And at the beach…. all the better

  4. mike was in NY on monday so we hooked up for some poker and a late night shoot in manhattan. check my blog if you want some stories and laughs.

    and yea us 3 have to get together bro, that would be…. interesting! LOL looking forward to hanging soon

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