Finally ranking for Santa Barbara Destination Wedding Photographers on Google

wow… I did a TON of work at the beginning of the year to try and set myself up better in the Google rankings, and it’s finally starting to look like the countless LATE LATE nights have paid off… is finally showing up on the first page of Google for searches, such as Santa Barbara Destination Wedding Photographer

I think we have quite a few other key-words we’re showing up for, and that’s super exciting! Finally people can find our website by searching for us online super easy!!

Now if only I showed up at the top of the list for searches like Hawaii Wedding Photographer, Italy Wedding Photographer and California Wedding Photographer.

Now if I can only devote this much time in other areas of my life with as much success!!!

1 thought on “Finally ranking for Santa Barbara Destination Wedding Photographers on Google”

  1. Hi Tim! Glad your SEO strategies have been working! It’s a lot of work but it does pay off in the long run. Keep blogging and creating content with your target keywords. Good luck!

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