Firestone Wedding

This past Memorial Day weekend Tim and I shot two weddings! One on saturday and one on Sunday! By the time Monday came around we were definately ready for a day off!

On Sunday we were at Firestone Vineyards, a gorgious location for a wedding! It really makes our job so simple! It seems like every time we are there it is dificult to get a bad shot! You can check out the slideshow we put together for the weddng here

As a children’s portrait photographer I can’t help but take pictures of all the little ones at the weddings we go to. At this particular wedding there were three flower girls and quite a few other adorable kids. I had to keep reminding myself to take pictures of other stuff besides the them! 🙂

Here are my favorite children’s pictures from the Firestone wedding:

And this last picture at the bottom here is my favorite picture of the day! As this little girl began walking down the isle she hesitated, not quite sure what to make of all the guests looking back at her. As soon as she saw her mom standing with the bridal party, she took off running down the isle to be with her! So adorable!!

3 thoughts on “Firestone Wedding”

  1. Sandra Salisbury

    You really are gifted at finding and inturpreting these moments!!! I love the faces you get from kids!!! I love the make-up shot too!

  2. Cheryl – Thanks for the update and always super photography! Back to back weddings! Take a walk on the beach for me – please! oh yeh – with Tim too!

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