Firestone Winery Wedding – Jon and Michelle

Jon and Michelle’s sun drenched Firestone Winery wedding kept me on my toes with their playful demeanor and continuous smiles. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t smile, and Jon and Michelle kept giving me reasons to trust them all the more!

The moments they shared while at their Firestone Winery wedding were so pure – it made me want to run home and hold Cheryl.

Jon and Michelle enjoying a moment

ringbearer at firestone

I was enamored with Michelle and her bridesmaids playing around smiling while prepping for her wedding at Firestone winery.

Firestone winery wedding michelle

Smiles at firestone winery

michelle gets dressed at firestone


Sun drenched may be defined by the light that glows through the oaks at Firestone winery at sunset – it warms my heart to have the opportunity to shoot at Firestone during sunset.

Firestone winery wedding kiss

Firestone winery Jon and Michelle

Playfully kissing each other and never letting go of each other, Jon and Michelle may be one of those perfect couples! Thanks for having me be a part of your day.

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